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Elegi * Alphaxone & Protou * Lustmord




Ten years after his chilling debut Sistereis (and eight years since Varde), Elegi is awakened from his slumber by the curators of the Dronarivm label in their search for “unsung melodies from our century”.

Tommy ‘Elegi’ Jansen (from Norway) claims Bånsull is an old and rare Norwegian word for lullaby.
But you’d better not fall asleep to this music: it’ll probably be the soundtrack to your most frightening nightmares.


“Folk tales from around the world that have scared small children for centuries. When I became a father some years ago it was only natural for me to write my own bedtime stories to lull my baby to sleep. For some strange reason these gave her nightmares and she did not sleep for years.”

Let this be a warning to you: you cannot un-listen this!

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Alphaxone & Protou - Stardust


When released on Cryo Chamber, you can bet it’s dark. And cold, like the label name suggests (though the label is now based in Oregon, USA, its roots are from Sweden).
Not ‘dark ambient’ in the inverted new age sense, with chanting monks, church bells and such nonsense, but dark in a fascinating way. Let’s call it IDM –  Intelligent Dark Music.

Alphaxone (Mehdi Saleh, from Iran) and ProtoU (Sasha Cats, from Kiev, Ukraine) work together on this spacey album that helps you ‘float weightless into the void to the sound of exploding supernovas.’
The ‘exploding supernova’ bit suggests a collection of loud explosions, but actually this album has the trance-inducing calmness and timelessness of endless space travel.
Recommended for lovers of space ambient and old school science fiction soundtracks.’

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Lustmord - Dark Matter


A bit late to the party, perhaps: this album was released september 2016. But while on the subject of dark and space, we simply cannot ignore this gem. After all, Brian ‘Lustmord‘ Williams is widely credited as the originator of the Dark Ambient genre!

The vast expanse of the Universe, ‘far larger than we are able to comprehend’, was the inspiration for this album.
Three long-form tracks (Subspace, Astronomicom and Black Static) created from sounds derived from an audio library of cosmological activity, gathered from sources like NASA, The Very Large Array, National Radio Astronomy Observatory and more.

“Behind the world that we experience lies a veil of darkness and much is hidden between, beyond and unseen.”

Created from the sounds coming from space – the sound that ‘exists as naturally occurring electromagnetic vibrations’, coming from sources like ‘interstellar plasma and molecules, radio galaxies, pulsars masers and quasars’ – the ambience of this album is dark but not scary.
After all:  ‘The universe began of darkness, not light.’

Dark Matter is enigmatic yet comforting. And a spacey dark ambient classic.

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Thomas Köner; Multicast Dynamics; Machinefabriek + Anne Bakker


The controversial Manifesto of Futurism was written by Marinetti over 100 years ago. It’s ‘a rejection of the past and a celebration of speed, machinery, violence, youth and industry’. Parts of it can also be read as a glorification of the purifying violence of war – the only way to cleanse the world – and especially these words take a quite different meaning in current times.

In Thomas Köner‘s work for sound and moving images, fragments of this Manifest are slowly read by a whispering voice over Köner‘s characteristic – but in this case particularly dark and haunting – soundscapes. The images are vague, as is their exact relation to the text. They are assembled from decelerated and superimposed parts from film sources from 1909 and earlier, which brings out the ‘optical unconscious‘ movements and dimensions of reality. 
Which is in a way also what Köner’s music does: it brings out ‘the sonic unconscious’: ‘a Utopia of decelerations in defiance of the cult of ‘ubiquitous speed”. 

Though the atmosphere is darker, more menacing, The Futurist Manifesto  is most related to Köner‘s Les Soeurs Lumière, from Unerforschtes Gebiet (2003). (You’ll probaby recognise some of the bell-like samples).

The Futurist Manifesto  is released as a DVD by Von Archives. Audio-only can be downloaded from Bandcamp.

Multicast Dynamics - Scandinavia

Dutch media artist Samuel van Dijk (a.k.a. Multicast Dynamics) is working on a four-part release set. After the first two releases Scape (dealing with ‘dry land filled with light and streams’) and Aquatic System (about ‘the constantly changing surface of the oceans’), Scandinavia explores ‘a frozen and murky underwater world’. And a mysterious and fascinating world it is!
Van Dijk uses ‘granular synthesis, obscure delay units and rudimentary looping techniques on magnetic tapes’ to create a fascinating array of soundscapes that perfectly match – yet are different from – both earlier releases. The nine tracks explore ‘arctic’ landscapes – ‘the inhospitable surrounding of frost and ice… Layers of hypnotic atmospheres with barely perceptible undercurrents.’
The overall atmosphere is dark and glacial. All sounds are created using electronic processing, but the result sounds remarkably organic.
‘Brooding pulses of bass and tonal patterns lead to the core of the sonic landscape. Gentle radiant layers of light and soil emerge and aquatic echoes expose new paths.’
Scandinavia can of course also be enjoyed as a stand-alone release. But if you enjoy these kind of sounds, I strongly recommend to  also check out the two preceding parts. The last part (‘the arrival in an interstellar space and the cosmos’) will be released in 2016.

Multicast Dynamicss – Kohta


Rutger ‘Machinefabriek‘ Zuydervelt and violinist Anne Bakker have previously worked together on Halfslaap II – a piece that aimed to ‘pull the listener into some sort of dreamstate’.
On Deining (‘heave’, or ‘commotion’), the effect is about the opposite: the listener is increasingly alarmed and forced to stay alert.
For this 26 minute piece, Anne Bakker played a series of upward and downward glissandi:
‘I asked Anne Bakker to bow each string of her instrument while sliding slowly from the lowest note to the highest, for exactly five minutes, as fluent as possible. Anne also recorded the same procedure in reverse, following the strings from the edge of the fingerboard to the top nut of the instrument.’
Rutger then assembled different layers into four sections, each focusing on one string, also adding sine waves and radio static.
The result is as beautiful as it is frightening (or, in Rutger’s own words: ‘the taste is a tad bitter’). A clear demonstration of the effect that a specific arrangements of sounds can have on an emotional level.
It is hypnotizing too, and so it may still pull you into a dream state… but I don’t think anyone be able to sleep quietly with sounds like this playing.
Just as Halfslaap II was the duo’s reworking of Rutger’s original HalfslaapDeining can be seen as a string reincarnation of Stroomtoon Eénon which created the down- and upward glissandi using tone generators.

Edit 12-02-2016:
The Bandcamp page has been updated and now includes a live recording of the striking performance of Deining on the International Film Festival Rotterdan (IFFR) on january, 29.
On this performance, the strings are performed by Anne Bakker (who performs violin solo on the studio recording), together with Lidwine Dam, Saskia Venegas and Pablo Kleinsmann on violin, and Nina Hitz on cello. With Rutger adding the waves and static of course.
If you already ordered/download Deining, you can simply redownload it from your Bandcamp collection to obtain the bonus live recording. And I strongly recommend to do so, because it’s an incredible performance!

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Gideon Wolf; Michael Begg; Thomas Ragsdale; Variables;

Thomas Ragsdale - Bait

Gideon Wolf - Near DarkGIDEON WOLF – NEAR DARK
Fluid Audio  have built themselves some kind of cult empire. Not very surprising, considering the quality of their releases, and especially the way they are packaged. But the downside, of course, is that these releases are the kind that virtually sell-out on pre-ordering alone.
Here’s another one of those: if you’re interested in a letter-pressed CD including 20 prints, vintage photo slides, 1920’s explorer notes, dried leaves, scent, hand-typed messages – all hand numbered and sealed in oversized glassine bags….. you probably missed it because reading this sentence took you too long!
(To be exact: only 5 remaining at time of writing).
As long as there are copies available, there is no digital download counterpart. But there will be when they sell out – which won’t be long.
So we may better focus on the music, instead of its package.

To summarize: Near Dark is a baffling album.
The opener track, adressed to Mr. Controller, grabs the listener by the throats and from there it doesn’t let go. It is dark, but not completely dark: it presents a wide range of styles, vocal as well as instrumental.
There’s a haunting, heavy atmosphere, but it’s impossible to pin it down to a single genre.
I can’t really tell why, but this music definitely feels English, rooted in its mystifying forests and landscapes. I don’t think this could have been made anywhere else in the world.

Gideon Wolf takes the best of many influences and combines them to take it all a few steps further. The exuberant package is a fine thing for sure, but even when it was released in a simple white paper sleeve, this album would prove there may be an exciting future for ‘atmospheric experimentalism’.


A pre-summer release (June) that I missed, and which is definitely worth making up for!
Michael Begg is known for his contributions to Clodagh Simmonds’ Fovea Hex, his collaborations with Nurse With Wound’s Colin Potter, and for his own releases as Human Greed (which can be solo or a collaboration with Deryk Thomas).
is a watercolour sketchbook inspired by the place where he lives: East Lothian in Scotland (bordering the city of Edinburgh). .

‘I sketched notes about silence, about space and place, music and recording. I took one step to the side and listened to the time rush by. I applied the same light touch to the studio. I sketched. It was enough. I somehow, briefly, removed ambition and purpose and found, in the winter, a moment of repose.’

Listening to the varied sound palette of these tracks – experimental ambient as well as contemporary classical, with references to Pärt and Schnittke – I would not use ‘sketches’  for a description myself.  The word ‘sketches’ feels like an understatement of this work, like something not really finished..while this feels like a full-grown album te me… But who am I to judge the artist’s own description?

Thomas Ragsdale - Bait

For this album, Thomas Ragsdale (one half of Worriedaboutsatan), re-worked his own score for Dominic Brunt’s thriller‘a modern day Faustian tale that examines the boundaries of humanity’s evil’.  The original score focuses more on background drones and atmospheres, but this version is re-created to be a stand-alone album, and not ‘just’ a soundtrack album.
On the other hand, ‘Bait’ was sequenced to take the listener down a similar path to the movie: at once beautiful as it is beguiling, intense as it is disturbing – shimmering drones give way to gnarled bass, refracting synth lines clatter over arctic atmospheres.’

And this it does very well; it’s an album with a very dark atmosphere, but also with a lot of beauty underneath. There’s no need to see the film to enjoy this music, though this version of the soundtrack definitely raises the interest to check it out too.
Bait is also released as a cassette which comes free with a CD-version and a package ‘that comes straight from the film’s brutal story.’


Here’s another fine example of what collaboration projects can bring us. This time, the concept is slightly different: bring together a bunch of artists (all Bigo & Twigetti related in this case),  let them jam and improvise with the objective to create a full release within seven days. From scratch, which means writing, arranging, performing, editing ánd mastering.

“I thought, what about creating an album in this way, but rather than just having two artists going back and forth, I thought it might be more interesting if the creators only got one chance each to add their input to the creative process. I also thought it would be more interesting to make this project very time limited, so that the creation had to be, to some extent, reactive/responsive/improvised, forcing composers to make quicker decisions and hopefully adding an energy and excitement to the music”.
(Jim Perkins at Completemusicupdate

Obviously, this was an inspiring task. Antonymes, Beatrice Chaume, Chris Perren (Nonsemble), Leah Kardos, Lucy Claire, Richard Talbot (Marconi Union) and Tiny Leaves did a great job in creating an album that sounds lively and sparkling, well balanced and also beautifully produced.
One would never guessed a thing like this could be accomplished in only seven days!

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Haarvöl; Norn; Ionosphere; Elian

Elian - Cutting Up the Sun


Haarvöl is a Portugese experimental music collective with three permanent members. Indite refers to composing (or writing), indicating these tracks are carefully thought-out and constructed – about the opposite of the improv noise you’d probably come to expect with the combination of ‘experimental’ and ‘collective’.
Combining both digital and analogue sources with field recordings, the result of their experiments opens a detailed adventurous soundworld. A rather dark world it is, too, with titles like The Massive Downward of Greyness, Quaestio Tormentorum, The Inescapable Labyrinth.
Even without the visuals that usually accompany Haarvöl‘s music (examples of which can be found on their Vimeo page), this is very cinematic music.


From the same record label (the dutch Moving Furniture Recordscomes this equally fascinating album by Norn.
Despite his Nordic sounding name, Peter Johan Nÿland‘s album tracks all have dutch and Japanese titles.
The album title translates to Liar (it seems), but it’s not very clear what that may imply. The dutch titles all refer to foggy dreams of sadness and loneliness: Droom van het zinken naar het holst van een naamloze diepte (Dream of sinking to the center of a nameless depth), Vanuit de nevelen (From the mist), Maanmeer (Moonlake)… 
The music “recounts lingering dreams of fog-ridden landscapes, desolate, monumental cities and sweltering slumber hours in the afternoon heat”.
That may sound all somewhat depressing, but it really isn’t: Usotsuki conveys the kind of darkness one can sometimes yearn for – not threatening or frightening darkness, but seclusive and suspenseful.
All but one tracks are instrumental: Balor features a poetic spoken word contribution by Pete Simonelly, whose voice perfectly fits the ‘film noir’ atmosphere.

Ionosphere - NightscapeIONOSPHERE – NIGHTSCAPE
Not much is known about Ionosphere, except that his real name is Erik H. Sander, he’s from Germany, and this is his third album since 2004.
Nightscape is subtitled “Watch the World – Pass – Into Endless Night”, and that about perfectly describes the carefully crafted, deep soundscapes on this album of “Expansive drones, drifting melodic soundscapes, ominous sonic undertones and vocal transmissions (that) intersect with densely concentrated rhythmic pulsations that emphasize the sculptural nature and deep atmospheric scope of the 11 tracks”.


Elian - Cutting Up the Sun

Shortly after his Harrowgate release (on Home Normal), here’s another scintillating release by Michael Duane Ferrell (Elian), this time released on the Long Story Recording Company (sister label to Twice Removed).
With these soundscapes, Elian“hopes to land in that midway position between what could be called ambient music and noise.”
And he does exactly that, although there’s not many moments of ambient music in the classic sense: the album has much more references to what I’d call electronic avant-garde.
Don’t be misguided by the quiet album take-off with Totality (and don’t set your headphone’s volume too high): soon you’ll be in high gear, heading directly for the sun! A thrilling electronic ride with a razor-sharp sound (as always when mastering is done by James Plotkin).

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Incidental Memories (Mix)

Broken Memories

If one of the criteria for ‘ambient’ music is that you can comfortably fall asleep to it, I guess you’d better skip this particular mix. Although it starts quiet and reassuring with soothing vocal chords from Silvestrov’s “The Lord’s Prayer”, the mood disintegrates and sometimes can become rather unsettling – depending on your own personal ‘incidental memories’, of course.

For reasons I can’t really explain, this mix works better if you listen on speakers instead of headphones – just let the airwaves flow for maximum immersion.

This mix was ‘premiered’ on Bob Rusche’s X-Ray radio-show (Concertzender, Holland) on January 26, 2013. Thanks, Bob!

“Mister Ambientblog himself is doing it again: making an utterly brilliant mix with the sheer beauty containing a wide variety of partly ambient and partly neo-classical sounds. Right from the sacral start with Ben Lucas Boysen and Valentin Silvestrov you will be guided through the chilling soundscapes until you reach the end with the stunning Guy Birkin track. Take this journey and you will never forget the Incidental Memories.”
Bob Rusche, X-Ray

Sequence Scheme


[Track Start] [Sample Length] [Artist – Title]
[Album], [Year], [Label details]

  • 00:00 02:04 Ben Lukas Boysen – Leave
    Mother Nature OST, 2013, Hymen Records Y807
  • 01:15 04:33 Valentin Silvestrov – The Lord’s Prayer
    On Photography, 2005, GB Records BVGBCD07
  • 05:06 02:52 Eric La Casa – Spirale 1 (Version 2)
    The Walls are Whispering…Vol.2, 2004, EE-Tapes EE05
  • 05:57 02:20 Bob Ohrum – Song for you (I’ll never forget)
    Elevated, 2010, Relaxed Machinery rM_0004
  • 07:21 01:46 Adrian Aniol – Dark Passage
    Obscura, 2013, Self-Released (Bandcamp)
  • 08:22 02:43 Fieldhead – Broken
    They Shook Hands for Hours, 2009, Home Assembly Music HAM003R
  • 09:44 01:25 Jack Dangers – Sooth Siren
    Forbidden Planets Explored, 2004, Important Records IMPREC038 
  • 10:05 01:35 Bionulor – Temat Ojca
    Theatre Music for Skazana, 2013, Oniron ON.002
  • 10:27 02:36 Janek Schaefer – Requiem for West Wittering
    Panels. An Inquiry to the Spatial, The Sonic and the Public, 2010, NAim/Bureau Europa
  • 11:46 02:07 I’ve Lost – Going Under
    Sleep Mode, 2013, Relaxed Machinery rM_0009
  • 12:40 02:47 Rafael Anton Irisarri – Scilla Im Scilla
    70 Years of Sunshine, Ascent, 2013, Monotype Records mono070
  • 13:56 00:35 Cliff Martinez & Skrillex – Rise and Shine Little B***H
    Spring Breakers OST, 2013, Atlantic 7567873178
  • 14:14 03:35 Lucy Claire – Bound in Sea
    Sequence 7, 2013, Future Sequence SEQ007
  • 16:52 02:47 Bruce Gilbert and BAW – Creatures of Sea and Air
    Diluvial, 2013, Touch TO:87
  • 17:55 02:39 JG Thirlwell – Hanging Curse
    Mind the Gap 100, 2013, Gonzo Circus MTG 100
  • 19:28 03:10 Francisco López – Untitled #288
    Aquarius, 2013, Dronarivm DR-09
  • 20:03 04:09 Alva Noto – Anthem Berlin (For the Kingdowm of Elgaland-Vargaland)
    For 2, 2010, Line Line_044
  • 22:57 03:17 Runar Magnusson – Unclean Mind in a Broken Body
    Options, 2009, Hljodaklettar ‎– #HKUSB1 
  • 26:38 03:17 Florent Colautti – Nanom+
    Nanom+/Untitled, 2013, Corps Electriques CD_01
  • 26:48 01:00 Kenneth Kirschner – One Minute For the Stars
    One Minute For the Stars, 2011, SEM label SEM 011
  • 29:18 03:36 Pleq and Josco – A Broken Memory
    Assembly Field Compilation #1, 2013, Assembly Field AF01
  • 30:58 03:07 Machinefabriek – Eeuw
    Mind the Gap 100, 2013, Gonzo Circus MTG 100
  • 32:38 03:08 Biosphere – Sun-Baked
    Compilation 1991-2004, 2012, Biophon Records BIO7D
  • 34:50 01:05 Andrey Dergatchev – Japan
    The Return, 2005, ECM Records ECM 1925
  • 35:34 04:24 Julia Kent – Only Child
    Character, 2013, Leaf BAY 80CD
  • 38:42 02:04 M. Rösner – May0105
    Incidental Amplifications, 2006, Room40 EDRM405
  • 39:35 02:51 Volume Settings Folder – Arborea Ospiza
    Ivan Hoe and Other Tales, 2012, Organic Industries OIC001-V2
  • 40:02 03:12 Ensemble Economique – Interval Signals, Part 1
    Interval Signals, 2013, Denovali DEN186
  • 42:35 04:18 Clem Leek – A Modern Hymn for NYC
    …And Darkness Came, 2012, Headphone Commute HCD001
  • 43:20 01:44 Andrea Serrapiglio – Bicycles, Football, Volley and Other Sports in a Public Park
    Autumn is Coming, We’re all in Slow Motion, 2010, Hibernate HB20
  • 45:34 03:18 Altus – Trying to Elude that Darkplace
    No-R-Mal, 2009, Just Not Normal JNN050
  • 47:34 03:54 Emme Ya – Sigil Dissolution Drone
    Drone-Mind Mind-Drone, 2013, Drone Records MIND-02
  • 48:22 01:44 Valentin Silvestrov – The Lord’s Prayer
    On Photography, 2005, GB Records BVGBCD07
  • 49:27 03:29 Ithaca Trio – Fluidic Space
    New Music from the Delta Quadrant, 2012, Hibernate HB45
  • 51:29 04:30 Eren Silence – Eren I B
    Eren I, 2013, Self-released (Bandcamp)
  • 53:00 07:00 Guy Birkin – Tintinnabuli Mathematica 12D
    Sequence 7, 2013, Future Sequence SEQ007

Download INCIDENTAL MEMORIES Now 98Mb (60:00 min.)
[Alternative download from]

[DTS – Surround Version also available]

OR :
Stream from Mixcloud:

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Tristesse D’Automne (Mix)

Tristesse by Jenny Lynne

This mix was created especially for Headphone Commute.
Thanks to H_C for publishing it, and for the beautiful introduction words:

Autumn is here. Darkness slowly creeps up just a little bit earlier. Clouds get grayer and swell up with rain. Trees shed their colors and tighten their belts. And people begin to prepare for winter. But among all the shadows there’s a small ray of light. And with that glow comes the music… For today’s exclusive podcast, Peter van Cooten weaves in layers of haunting soundscapes spanning the gray-scale of the ambient universe. It’s a gorgeous soundtrack to the season of tears… I hope you will enjoy!

Tristesse Sequence


[Start Time][Sample Length][Artist – Title]
[Album], [Year], [Label details]

  • 00:00 01:20 Deathprod – A Dream for Ted Greene
    Money Will Ruin Everything 2, 2008, Rune Grammofon RCD2072
  • 00:28 04:01 Antonymes – Tristesse (Fryderyk Chopin’s 12 Études Op. 10 No. 3 in E Major)
    Variations of Chopin, 2013, Too Many Fireworks 2MF013
  • 02:04 02:55 Yann Novak – Amphi, Excerpt
    Aquarius, 2013, Dronarivm DR-09
  • 02:53 02:21 Prurient – Terracotta Spine
    Through the Window, 2013, Blackest Ever Black BLACKESTCD002
  • 03:33 03:37 Siddhartha Barnhoorn – The Core
    Antichamber, 2013, Bandcamp
  • 06:06 01:32 Boards of Canada – Telepath
    Tomorrow’s Harvest, 2013, Warp Records WARPCD257
  • 06:06 02:40 Space Shuttle Launch
    (Taken from the Youtube Video by Michael Interbartolo)
  • 07:11 02:58 Rauelsson – Wave Out
    Vora, 2013, Sonic Pieces 017
  • 09:00 02:25 Monochromie – Katedra
    Colors in the Dark, 2013, Time Released Sound TRS033
  • 10:07 02:23 Jeremy Bible – Co_4
    Collisions, 2013,
  • 11:40 01:31 Jeremy Bible – Co_9
    Collisions, 2013,
  • 12:51 05:57 Richard Chartier – Interior Field (Part 1)
    Interior Field, 2013, Line 062
  • 14:18 04:23 Felipe Otondo – Sarnath
    Tutuguri, 2013, Sargasso SCD28070
  • 17:29 04:29 Bruce Gilbert & BAW – The Expanse
    Diluvial, 2013 Touch TO:87
  • 17:29 03:12 Bruce Gilbert & BAW – Dry Land
    Diluvial, 2013, Touch TO:87
  • 20:25 02:52 Sebastian Plano – Angels
    Impetus, 2013, Denovali DEN177
  • 22:31 02:22 Squanto – And Back
    Every Night Draws the Same Crowd, 2013, Fluid Audio 017
  • 23:44 02:14 Daniel Blinkhorn – Relatively Loud Tones
    Terra Subfónica, 2013 Gruenrekorder Gruen 117
  • 24:24 02:12 Sam Genovese – The Flower in Your Throat
    The Locust in Your Mouth, 2013, Bandcamp
  • 25:18 03:28 Michel Banabila – The Late Hour
    Zoomworld, 2013, Bandcamp
  • 28:08 04:45 Ben Lukas Boysen – The Behinian Gospel
    Gravity, 2013, Ad Noiseam ADN168CD
  • 30:17 05:22 Jari Pitkänen – Unialus
    Anima Ombra, 2013, Enough Records, enrmp321
  • 33:47 03:32 Metal Wind – Undesirable Rotations
    Ancient Sounds Revival, 2013, Textural Records
  • 35:29 02:32 Drøn – Frozen Passage
    HD188753, 2013, Drøn Release Network DRN 001
  • 37:20 02:40 Ben Bix – Nyihahi (Nocturne I-II)
    All of the Variations At Once, 2013, Psychonavigation PSY071
  • 39:13 02:02 Alexandre Desplat – L’Orque
    DeRouille Et D’Os, 2012, Idol Records 691.A003.020/WNP0007
  • 40:50 03:31 Orientalism – Slit Air Omen
    Ali’s Riot Men, 2013, Attenuation Circuit ACP 1011
  • 41:57 01:05 Eugene Carchesio – C9
    Concert for One Person in a Small Room, 2013, Room40 DRM421
  • 42:54 01:58 Marina Rosenfeld – New York_Empire State of
    P.A. Hard Love, 2013, Room40 RM452
  • 44:25 01:47 Marina Rosenfeld – Liverpool_’Round Downtown By Myself_TickTock
    P.A. Hard Love, 2013, Room40 RM452
  • 45:35 04:17 Rúnar Magnússon – The Great Pretenderness: Satanísk sjálfspíningar sál
    2004, Hljodaklettar/Whitelabel
  • 46:55 02:19 Niko Senpuki – Salcteo (**)
    Interdicted, 2013, Attenuation Circuit ACPS 1007
  • 48:24 04:33 Philippe Lamy – Trying to Tell Another Story
    Storytelling, 2012, Audio Gourmet AGN061
  • 49:57 03:19 Marconi Union – Weightless, part 4
    Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Volume 2), 2012, self-released 
  • 51:42 04:07 Lustmord – Goetia
    The Word As Power, 2013, Blackest Ever Black BlackestCD004
  • 55:16 03:52 Antonymes – Tristesse (Fryderyk Chopin’s 12 Études Op. 10 No. 3 in E Major)
    Variations of Chopin, 2013, Too Many Fireworks 2MF013
  • 58:36 01:23 Deathprod – A Dream for Ted Greene
    Money Will Ruin Everyting 2, 2008, Rune Grammofon RCD2072
  • 1:00:00 – End

(**) Full Title:
“Salcteo, Oder: Wenn Ich Meinen Kühlschrank Öffne Springt Mir Nur Zuul Und Ein Enthaupteter Eskimo Entgegen. Zweiteres Gar Schneller Weil Der Lästige Kopf Nicht Bremst”

Download Tristesse d’Automne now 97Mb (60:00 min.)

[Alternative download from]

[DTS – Surround Version also available]

Stream from Mixcloud:

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Broken Lines (Mix)

HAL's eye

If you have ever watched Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001 – Space Odyssey, you will definitely remember the impressive scene in which the memory modules are slowly taken away from HAL, the ship’s main computer, because it started to disfunction and became a threat to the astronauts and their mission.
Just before his memory fades completely, HAL remembers being programmed to sing“Daisy”, one of his earliest digital ‘childhood memories’.

With this scene (as well as with HAL‘s name), Kubrick directly referred to the IBM 7094 computer (used to control the Mercury and Gemini space flights, as well as the Apollo missions) which was programmed to sing Daisy in 1961 – a remarkable accomplishment at that time!

Computer systems revolting, loss of memory, human utterings that seem to come from lost souls….
I guess you’d better be prepared for a dark and suspenseful listening hour …

If you have listened to this mix, I’m really curious to know what you think, so please let me know!
(and please let your friends know, also… just spread the word and make these mixes heard …  thanks for your help!)


Sequence Scheme


Track Start – Sample Length – Artist – Title
Album Details

  • 00:00 03:33 Huan Qing – Guang Wu Road #108
    Hexiefu, 2011, FM Productions Ltd, FM3CD01
  • 01:27 02:16 Hiroki Sasajima – Nanoparticle
    Escala 2.3.1 Ice, 2012, Escala 2:3
  • 01:46 03:25 Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf – Die Hungervogellockvorrichtung
    Kall Trä, 2012, Empiric Records emrec 1
  • 03:51 01:46 Maile Colbert/Simon Whetham – Light Brutal
    Meditations on Light, Reconstructions, 2011, Monochrome Vision mv35
  • 04:47 01:11 Neil Milton – The Broken Lines
    Brave New World, 2011, FeedbackLoop Label FB010
  • 06:02 01:43 Pierpaolo Leo – Bioluminescence
    Underwater Noises, 2010, Ephre Imprint IC/eph01
  • 06:28 01:50 Alio Die – Little Pain
    Funeral Songs, 2001, Crowd Control Activities CCA 026
  • 07:25 03:33 Max Richter – When She Came Back
    Elle S’Appelait Sarah, 2010, Jade 6997269
  • 09:24 05:06 Loscil – Endless Falls
    Endless Falls, 2010, Kranky krank141
  • 12:57 02:15 Ex.Order – Shuchu Ryoku Part 3
    Incendium III, 2011, Loki Foundation LOKI 54
  • 14:31 02:33 Specta Ciera – There Were No More Days After That
    Ceci N’Est Pas Une Pipe, 2009, Public Spaces Lab PS010
  • 15:23 04:17 Somatic Response – Fear Chasing Hope (Zombie Subway HC Edit)
    …And Darkness Came, 2012, Headphone Commute HCD001
  • 16:45 04:52 Stanley Kubrick – HAL Memory Unload Sequence
    2001, A Space Odyssey, 1968, MGM
  • 18:22 06:02 Runar Magnusson – The Heathen Harp: A Pärt for the Dreamachine
    Options, 2009, Hljóðaklettar – #HKUSB1
  • 21:31 01:55 Holly Herndon – Breathe
    Movement, 2012, RVNG Intl RVNGL 15
  • 23:15 01:45 [Blank] – Sueño
    Sueño, 2012, F4TMusic F4TS001
  • 23:50 02:52 Dustin O’Halloran – Fragile No. 2
    …And Darkness Came, 2012, Headphone Commute HCD001
  • 25:33 05:20 Richard Chartier – Rendered 1_2009
    10, 2011, Room40 DRM410
  • 27:16 05:19 Y Create – Diablo Coast Range
    The Walls Are Whispering vol. II, 2004, EE Tapes EE05
  • 31:33 02:01 Pawel Grabowski – Untitled
    Essays on Radio: Can I Have 2 Minutes of Your Time?, 2005, Cronica 020
  • 32:14 03:31 Carlos Suarez – Vanitas
    Escala 2.3.1 Ice, 2012, Escala 2:3
  • 33:53 02:27 Enrico Coniglio – Calls of the White
    Dialogue One, 2011, Silentes CD 201128
  • 35:51 03:40 Alva Noto – Stalker (For Andrei Tarkovsky)
    For 2, 2010, Line Line_044
  • 38:35 00:59 Kate Carr – One Minute For the Stars
    One Minute For the Stars, 2011, SEM Label, SEM 011
  • 38:37 04:34 Runar Magnusson – The Delicate Work of the Creator
    The Greatest of the Great, 2005, Hljóðaklettar
  • 39:13 08:52 Sala – The Hollow Pine
    Somewhere on the Edge, 2012, Gruenrekorder GRUEN 100
  • 40:19 06:15 Antonymes– Collapsed
    Five Pieces, 2012, Rural Colours RC050
  • 46:10 01:15 Machinefabriek – Cymbal (edit)
    Sequence 3, 2012, Future Sequence SEQ003
  • 46:33 03:05 Andrew Liles – Foreigner
    New York Doll, 2004, Infraction INFX 013
  • 48:36 02:20 Atom TM – Vienna
    1I3835Tra3Um3, 2010, Rather Interesting RI 067
  • 49:55 03:36 Lawrence English – A Ballad for the Machine
    Loud Listening, 2012, Cronica 067
  • 51:51 03:44 Dead Voices On Air – From Afar All Sparks and Glee
    From Afar All Sparks and Glee, 2010, Lens Records LENS0118
  • 54:14 05:01 Bass Communion – Dronework
    Dronework, 2005, Headphone Dust HDBCCD14
  • 56:50 01:35 IBM 7094 – Daisy Bell
    programmed by John Kelly and Carol Lockbaum,
    accompaniment programmed by Max Matthews (1961)
  • 59:15 End

Download Broken Lines Now 99Mb (59:15 min.)
[Alternative download from]
[DTS – Surround Version also available]

Or stream directly from Mixcloud:
Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do,
I’m half crazy all for the love of you.
It won’t be a stylish marriage,
I can’t afford a carriage,
But you’d look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two.
(Harry Dacre, 1892)


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Banabila, Manuel Chantre, Beautiful Schizophonic, Linear Bells, Sequence 5

In the Shortlist sections, I will mention some of the albums that I enjoyed listening to, but couldn’t find the time (or the right words) for a “full” review for. Still, I think they deserve your attention: use the links to find more info and hear previews.


Michel Banabila – Sum Dark 12
Available as a digital download for some time, but now also as a strictly limited CDr edition. Contains four tracks that were the basis for Banabila‘s impressive (at times even terrifying) set performed at the Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht, 2012, as well as a 22 minute live recording from that performance.
Definitely showcasing the darkest of the many sides of Michel Banabila!


Manuel Chantre – Six Mil Antenas
Soundtrack for the first 360 degree ‘Satosphere’ (Société des Arts Technologiques, Montreal) film, a “Journey in a futurist, psychedelic and non-linear universe”, inspired by movies like Enter the Void, Alphaville, The Holy Mountain and then some. This visual experience must be quite overwhelming in itself, but without the images this soundtrack is also very much worth listening.
Fun detail: this album is also offered as a concrete block with USB-port. I did not dare to ask for the international shipment cost of this particular one…

Manuel Chantre also offers another compilation of soundtracks for audiovisual installation on Memorsion and other Works, which features somewhat more ambient-oriented soundscapes.


The Beautiful Schizophonic – Belkiss
13 relatively short tracks, or ‘vignettes’, from Jorge Mantas aka The Beautiful Schizophonic. Three of them with vocals – hence the reference to This Mortal Coil. The tracks are varied in instrumentation yet stay close to the album’s basic atmosphere which is perfectly captured by the album cover.
A remarkable combination of soundscapes, field recordings and ‘Dream Pop’.


Linear Bells – Esther
Linear Bells is French artist
David Teboul.
“He is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist based in Nantes, France. His music is a mix between vintage instruments, sound manipulations and field recordings, all primarily created with acoustic and analogic instruments.”
Featuring contibutions by Endless Melancholyand Listening Mirror.

Sequence 5

Various Artists – Sequence 5 (Free Download)
Sequence 3 was released in february this year, Sequencein july, and both contained so much music that you probably just finished listening to it. But you don’t get any time to breathe, since Future Sequence already curated number 5 in this massive compilation series showcasing “experimental artists from around the world, whether they are just starting out or already established”.
This set contains over 4 hourse of music in 42 tracks by more or less (probably most will be less) familiar artists will help you get though the longest winter!

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Kreng – Works for Abbattoir Fermé

Kreng - Abattoir Ferme

When you realise that Kreng translates to Carrion’ (or ‘Cadaver‘) and Abattoir Fermé means ‘closed down slaughterhouse’ , you know that you’re obviously not going to get a gentle new age treatment with this release.

Following his two widely acclaimed previously releases L’Autopsie Phénomenale de Dieu (2009) and Grimoire (2011), Miasmah has now released a massive 4×12″ LP (+ 1×10″ that is not included in the digital download) boxset featuring music that Pepijn ‘Kreng’ Caudron created for various Abattoir Fermé theatre productions.

The set contains more than 3 hours of music (and that’s not even counting the 10″ containing music for the  “Monster” TV-series!).

This music is “not for the faint of heart”. Definitely not. These sounds, in fact, may very well haunt you in your most frightening nightmares.
But as for cinematic (dark) ambient music, this is about the best, and most impressive, you will be able to find.

Abattoir Fermé is a theatre company from Mechelen, Belgium, focussed on social outcasts and freaks and using influences ranging from dadaism to the modern horror film, looking for ‘the world behind the world’”.
Internationally, they are most known for their ‘silent pieces’ like ‘Tourniquet‘ (2007), ‘Mythobarbital’ (2008) and ‘Monkey’ (2011) – from which plays the soundtracks are featured in this set, along with the music from ‘Snuff’.

Every play is featured on two single album sides each about 23 minutes in length. Most of the material is previously unreleased, although some of the sample fragments may sound familiar from Kreng‘s earlier releases.

Pepijn Caudron 
has restructured the individual samples to create extended compositions that carefully build up in tension and style.
Though they were created for different events, the tracks are sequenced in such a way that thay could also have have been one single composition. Starting from a slow, dark drone in Tourniquet, the tension is unmistakenly building: ominous drums, suspenseful cinematic strings, fanfare drums. Monkey gradually slows down again, but its quiet ending is also a misleading trap, since the set ends in a distorted dance beat with the volume way up to over 11.

“Caudron finally has the space he deserves to show his musical scope and reach. The theatrical reference point is appropriate, but Caudron’s scores are never tempted by the vaudeville, rather they evoke a similar mood that Alan R. Splet and David Lynch achieved in ‘Eraserhead’ or Howard Shore in ‘Videodrome’. There is a sense of widescreen without any of the usual tropes, and this is simply a testament to Caudron’s veteran’s touch.”

Works for Abattoir Fermé” presents a dark ambient symphony of Wagnerian proportions. A classic – definitely!

Note: the ‘impression mix’ below is created from small parts of the original tracks – it does not appear on the album set in the way it is presented here.


Spotify – Also on Spotify

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Listening Mirror – What’s Wrong with Miracles?


A closer look on this latest Listening Mirror album called What’s Wrong with Miracles?”  shows that this is in fact one side of the mirror: there’s no trace of Kate Tustain‘s soft heavenly vocals on this release. 
(For that, you may want to check out the beautiful recent compilation overview Resting in Aspic ) 

Compared to the soft vocal counterparts on the previous releases, Jeff Stonehouse presents a rather dark mirror on this new release.

What’s Wrong with Miracles?” presents three long tracks (each up to 20 minutes).

The first two, “Storm Train” and “It’s in the Trees” feel related in sound and could also have been one single track.
The difference is that the thunderous storm sounds from the first track (said to scare the hell out of dogs that are afraid of thunder) slowly seems to have moved away in the second track, opening up the sky for some more peaceful soundscapes.

As usual, Jeff demonstrates he is a great manipulator of atmospheric sounds, carefully placing sparse guitar accents over a densely layered (yet ‘open’) electronic background.

Those familiar to the heavenly and peaceful voices of previous Listening Mirror releases may have to adjust their expectations somewhat to fully appreciate this dark and gloomy soundscape.
But it’s rewarding enough to do so.

Play loud (but please put your dog outside before you do!)

Listening Mirror – Storm Train

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