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Anniversary Collection: “Rope To The Sky” (Mix)

Rope To Te Sky artwork (Arash Akbari)

The first, somewhat hesitant, posts on this blog were published exactly 10 years ago. The weblog was called DreamScenes then, but it was the same blog you’re reading now.

To celebrate this, this mix is a part of a very special Anniversary Project.
It’s ‘special‘ because it’s different: this time it’s not compiled from existing tracks, but from tracks that were exclusively submitted for this purpose!   

35 brand new exclusive tracks by 30 artists … in a mix that is much longer than usual: 2 hours and 16 minutes!
I guess there’s no need to say that I am very very proud to be able to celebrate this anniversary in this particular way!

“Thanks to all artists for trusting me with a knife.”

Due to the nature of a ‘mix-collage’, only parts of the original tracks are used. That’s a bit of a waste if the original tracks are exclusives…
That is why, for the first time, Ambientblog presents its very own release available on Bandcamp: The AMBIENTBLOG ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION.
This full collection consists of all 35 tracks in their original length (3 hours and 35 minutes) AND the “Rope to the Sky” Mix (2 hours and 16 minutes).
That’s almost six hours of brand-new music!

Anniversary Credit Card.

USB credit card version available now!

But that’s not all:
There’s even more: a limited physical edition of this collection is also available: a 8 Gb USB CREDIT CARD presenting all of the above, PLUS:

  • 29 EXTRA bonus tracks (not included in the download version) (1 hr 34 min)
  • ALL 55 previous ambientblog MIXES: 55 hr 23 min (!!) of cinematic ambient immersion
  • Full track details for all mixes
  • Video versions of ‘Parallax’ and ‘Rust’

Yes, read that again: this little gem holds OVER 60 HOURS of music!
If you want to check the tracklisting details, check them here on Discogs.

I can’t really express how proud I am to present this release. But I think you can guess.

But anyway: if the mix is enough for you, or if you want to hear an impression of the full tracks of the collection, you can listen/download/stream it here in the usual ways:

Rope To The Sky - Sequence

Track Listing

Start Length Artist Title


DOWNLOAD ‘Rope To The Sky’ Now 314 Mb (2:16:36 min.)
[Alternative download from]
[DTS – Surround Version also available]

STREAM the Mixcloud version:



Widzjende Treast
words by Jan Kleefstra

Snie dea fallen ljocht
wat fingers net yn ‘e tiis bringe
sinne fiele wol
besykje net mei lichte stap
foar de wyn út te dwarreljen
hast mei in stim de tinne dûns
gled streake
waan dy it suver wjerbyld
fan de widzjende treast
oan it tou nei de himel
op myn wang de skimmel
foar it oare jier
Swaying Solace
words by Jan Kleefstra

Snow light fallen dead
that fingers do not entangle
sun wants to feel
do not attempt with a light step
to flutter out before the wind
with your voice you have smoothed over
the thin dance
imagine the purest counterpart
of the swaying solace
by the rope to the sky
on my cheek the fungus
for the following year
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Clem Leek – Home Outside


The Rural Colours  3-inch CD subscription series continues to deliver high quality releases, most of which are sold out immediately after their release.
Luckily for those that do NOT have a subscription to these physical releases, they continue to be available as digital downloads through Bandcamp.

Home Outside” is Clem Leek‘s contribution to the Rural Route series: it was released on january 23 as part of ‘subscription pack 7’ (and of course quickly sold out too).

It’s a single track of about 18 minute (composed as a soundtrack for a photo exhibition) that explores Clem’s natural surroundings quite literally: in the beginning of the track we hear footsteps walking into a dense landscape of sound, created “using only acoustic instruments including violin, guitar and also some field recordings” to build a musical environment “in which motifs and passages appear and disappear”.

Those who have heard Clem Leek’s masterpiece Holly Lane – one of the most impressive ambient music albums from 2010 – will know what to expect. But for those this review will probably totally superfluous too.

But in case you’re not a subscriber to the Rural Route subscription series and have not heard about this release before, I heartily recommend listening to this beautiful piece (as well as checking out Holly Lane if you didn’t already)!

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[Antonymes] – Beauty Becomes…



[antonymes] (Ian Hazeldine, UK) released his album, titled Beauty Becomes The Enemy of the Future” , in different formats.
Unfortunately, the special edition (a beautiful clothbound book with photographs and litho prints) was only released in a limited edition of 30 and quickly sold out!

If you want to see what you (and I) missed, you can still visit these Fluid Radio webpage, who made it album of the month. The special release package will surely have helped in this decision, but not the package alone. The music still makes the other two versions worth checking out!

Most music on this relatively short album (25+ minutes, excluding bonus tracks) is centered around Ian Hazeldine’s intimate piano compositions.
Think Harold Budd, think Max Richter if you want a reference.

The piano tracks are layered with additional electronics (They Have Not Seen the Stars), or with different instuments (for example organ on Measured Cadence).

Stylistically, the compositions range from impressionistic piano pieces to ‘movie soundtrack music’.

The download version of the album  comes with a bonus audio track (“No Dominion (Demo Excerpt)” – which is also the most ‘ambient’ track of the album), and a beautiful video track (“Decay“). The video track is the only track containing vocals.

With“Beauty Becomes The Enemy of the Future”, [antonymes] presents a remarkable , though rather short, debut.

Antonymes – Grotesquely Beautiful

More info:

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Hibernate Sampler, Vol. 1


A nice present from the Hibernate Recordings label to help you through the dark winter days: The Hibernate Sampler, volume 1 sampler collection.

Hibernate Recordings is a new independent label, focussing on ambient and electro-acoustic music. And, judging by the artists released in their first half year of exisence and by the works on this sampler, I guess their name will be mentioned on this weblog on a regular basis.

Hibernate Sampler, vol. 1 starts off with a beautiful soft track by Porzellan (which vaguely reminded me of Johann Johannsson’s Virgulegu Forsetar).

The eight tracks following are all equally beautiful, though sometimes a bit more noisy (Hakobune‘s Late Spring, for example), alternating between drones and soundscapes. 

Chihei Hatakayema closes with his Gray Hues Sky and with that, we’re almost ready for spring.

Other artists included are Ian Hawgood, Lexithimie, Strom Noir, Simon James French, Tom White and Northener.

A perfect fit for your winter hibernation.

You can download it for free from the Hibernate Records Bandcamp site, so why wait?

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