Clem Leek – Home Outside


The Rural Colours  3-inch CD subscription series continues to deliver high quality releases, most of which are sold out immediately after their release.
Luckily for those that do NOT have a subscription to these physical releases, they continue to be available as digital downloads through Bandcamp.

Home Outside” is Clem Leek‘s contribution to the Rural Route series: it was released on january 23 as part of ‘subscription pack 7’ (and of course quickly sold out too).

It’s a single track of about 18 minute (composed as a soundtrack for a photo exhibition) that explores Clem’s natural surroundings quite literally: in the beginning of the track we hear footsteps walking into a dense landscape of sound, created “using only acoustic instruments including violin, guitar and also some field recordings” to build a musical environment “in which motifs and passages appear and disappear”.

Those who have heard Clem Leek’s masterpiece Holly Lane – one of the most impressive ambient music albums from 2010 – will know what to expect. But for those this review will probably totally superfluous too.

But in case you’re not a subscriber to the Rural Route subscription series and have not heard about this release before, I heartily recommend listening to this beautiful piece (as well as checking out Holly Lane if you didn’t already)!

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