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[antonymes] (Ian Hazeldine, UK) released his album, titled Beauty Becomes The Enemy of the Future” , in different formats.
Unfortunately, the special edition (a beautiful clothbound book with photographs and litho prints) was only released in a limited edition of 30 and quickly sold out!

If you want to see what you (and I) missed, you can still visit these Fluid Radio webpage, who made it album of the month. The special release package will surely have helped in this decision, but not the package alone. The music still makes the other two versions worth checking out!

Most music on this relatively short album (25+ minutes, excluding bonus tracks) is centered around Ian Hazeldine’s intimate piano compositions.
Think Harold Budd, think Max Richter if you want a reference.

The piano tracks are layered with additional electronics (They Have Not Seen the Stars), or with different instuments (for example organ on Measured Cadence).

Stylistically, the compositions range from impressionistic piano pieces to ‘movie soundtrack music’.

The download version of the album  comes with a bonus audio track (“No Dominion (Demo Excerpt)” – which is also the most ‘ambient’ track of the album), and a beautiful video track (“Decay“). The video track is the only track containing vocals.

With“Beauty Becomes The Enemy of the Future”, [antonymes] presents a remarkable , though rather short, debut.

Antonymes – Grotesquely Beautiful

More info: http://www.antonymes.co.uk

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