Anniversary Collection: “Rope To The Sky” (Mix)

The first, somewhat hesitant, posts on this blog were published exactly 10 years ago. The weblog was called DreamScenes then, but it was the same blog you’re reading now.

To celebrate this, this mix is a part of a very special Anniversary Project.
It’s ‘special‘ because it’s different: this time it’s not compiled from existing tracks, but from tracks that were exclusively submitted for this purpose!   

35 brand new exclusive tracks by 30 artists … in a mix that is much longer than usual: 2 hours and 16 minutes!
I guess there’s no need to say that I am very very proud to be able to celebrate this anniversary in this particular way!

“Thanks to all artists for trusting me with a knife.”

Due to the nature of a ‘mix-collage’, only parts of the original tracks are used. That’s a bit of a waste if the original tracks are exclusives…
That is why, for the first time, Ambientblog presents its very own release available on Bandcamp: The AMBIENTBLOG ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION.
This full collection consists of all 35 tracks in their original length (3 hours and 35 minutes) AND the “Rope to the Sky” Mix (2 hours and 16 minutes).
That’s almost six hours of brand-new music!

Anniversary Credit Card.

But that’s not all:
There’s even more: a limited physical edition of this collection is also available: a 8 Gb USB CREDIT CARD presenting all of the above, PLUS:

  • 29 EXTRA bonus tracks (not included in the download version) (1 hr 34 min)
  • ALL 55 previous ambientblog MIXES: 55 hr 23 min (!!) of cinematic ambient immersion
  • Full track details for all mixes
  • Video versions of ‘Parallax’ and ‘Rust’

Yes, read that again: this little gem holds OVER 60 HOURS of music!
If you want to check the tracklisting details, check them here on Discogs.

I can’t really express how proud I am to present this release. But I think you can guess.

But anyway: if the mix is enough for you, or if you want to hear an impression of the full tracks of the collection, you can listen/download/stream it here in the usual ways:

Rope To The Sky - Sequence

Track Listing

Start Length Artist Title

DOWNLOAD ‘Rope To The Sky’ Now 314 Mb (2:16:36 min.)
[Alternative download from]
[DTS – Surround Version also available]


Widzjende Treast
words by Jan Kleefstra

Snie dea fallen ljocht
wat fingers net yn ‘e tiis bringe
sinne fiele wol
besykje net mei lichte stap
foar de wyn út te dwarreljen
hast mei in stim de tinne dûns
gled streake
waan dy it suver wjerbyld
fan de widzjende treast
oan it tou nei de himel
op myn wang de skimmel
foar it oare jier
Swaying Solace
words by Jan Kleefstra

Snow light fallen dead
that fingers do not entangle
sun wants to feel
do not attempt with a light step
to flutter out before the wind
with your voice you have smoothed over
the thin dance
imagine the purest counterpart
of the swaying solace
by the rope to the sky
on my cheek the fungus
for the following year

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  1. Sometimes, silence is the truest word spoken. Occasionally, lifetimes can pass just by the gap between a track.
    The 6 hour USB preview on Bandcamp at the tail end of 2015 is still something I return to regularly. It’s also a treasured item I think Fluid readers of all ages could enjoy, with a total USB playtime (including mixes) of 60 hours!

    In this package, you have approximately four folders of different files that regard ambient music. Some are reserved for the compiler and curator, Peter Van Cooten’s sound fragment collages – where tracks can be wildly deconstructionist, from a microsecond of audio to a full mix, compilation turned blend – to exclusive tracks contributed by fans and artists.

    The download version (Bandcamp) is in fact the first two folders: the Anniversary Mix plus the separate tracks folder only, which is nearly 6 hours in total.
    Additionally, the USB version contains a folder with 1.5 hr of extra bonus tracks (not in the mix), and a folder with all ambientblog mixes (55 hr).

    Those artists and musicians range from the heathen drones of Rafael Antoni Isarri and his ‘Uncharted Sea’ outtake (a fave of mine in the blog’s sound player) to newer tracks from the likes of Antonymes and Michael Banabila.

    A particularly nice thing about the credit card shaped stick is that the contents becomes devoid of categorisation and hyper-realism (tagging, connectives only read not heard and felt) and this gives the concept of an Anniversary package an incredibly solid base from which to be heralded as a timeless artifact by critics.
    For me, this is something of true beauty, and something that only listening with full attention can convey at its deepest level.

    The music styles can be compared to the likes of Steve Roach with his warm hammocks of space ambient, Thomas Koner for colder passages and passing glances in nuance, and further field recording research made more primed by Wire magazine’s 2013 article on the In The Field book, about the art of field recording. Tones sensuously slipstream into one another, and there is a strong lure to listen closer.

    While no specific, and non-abstract meaning can be taken from the hours of ultramundane sound on offer here, Van Cooten has at least triumphed in the art of making a large hospice for shivering droners, neoclassicons, and instrumentalists from around the globe.

    Take a trip into the world of Ambientblog with this, a time capsule from the farthest reaches of time and space.

  2. Glenn Wever (via Bandcamp) is a treasure for all sound lovers. i’m very happy to own a usb stick full of ambient bliss, and magnificently crafted ambient mixes.

  3. Kevin

    I’ve tried several times on three different browsers and two different computers and the download always stops around 235 mb. Anyway you could put it in a zip file? Thank you!

  4. James Murray (via Facebook)

    Well here’s a thing….
    I’m lucky enough to be holding one of these USBs right now and it’s a lovely object in its own right, not something that can often be said of data-only releases. Truly a fabulous sonic resource and a fine testament to one of the staunchest supporters of the scene around. Dig in.

  5. Gosh Snobo (via Facebook)

    Happy Birthday! And what a fantastic release. Unbelievable. Congratulations and maximum respect! Now I only have to find time to listen to this. Meditating on the purchase as well )