Stephan Mathieu/Akira Rabelais/Kassel Jaeger; Kevin Verwijmeren; Tobias Hellkvist; Tomonari Nozaki

Zauberberg is a fascinating ambient symphony by Kassel Jaeger, Stephan Mathieu and Akira Rabelais, inspired by Thomas Mann’s book and Debussy’s music.
Stephan Mathieu also mastered Kevin Verwijmeren’s new album, ‘Those Glorious Heights’.
Also: Tobias Hellkvist’s full length album Vesterhavet, and an EP-trilogy from Tomoro Nozaki.

Dutch Treat

Roundup of works by Dutch experimental / ambient artists: Looped Exodus, Michel Banabila, Machinefabriek, Orphax and Matthew Florianz.

(Plus: free promo codes for Matthew Florianz’ ‘Soundtracks for Science Briefings’! )

DreamScenes 2016 – 03

A new month – a new DreamScenes edition!
Here’s the monthly pick from the batch of new releases (and the occasional re-release).

Featuring tracks by Pete Namlook & New Composers, Saffronkeira, France Jobin, Thomas Köner, Antonymes, Looped Exodus, Michael Begg/Human Greed, Tuxedomoon/Cult with No Name, The Volume Settings Folder, Joseph Sannicandro and Michel Banabila & Oscar Roelof Peterse

More Various

‘Abscence’ offers a unique chance to explore experimental electronic music from Iran.

Soft Recording’s ‘Discovery 1’ is the first in a series promoting new artists: 40 tracks (almost 4 hours) in a free download