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Machinefabriek Exclusive: Transform II * Michel Banabila

Machinefabriek - Transform II

Celebrating 13 years of Ambientblog with an exclusive (and free) Machinefabriek track download “Transform II” * Michel Banabila‘s latest album re-explores his musical past (and also contains the original “Transform”)

Ljerke * Michel Banabila


The wind comes from the North, and it is a cold wind.
This is a clear warning that we have to be careful, take action, and take care to preserve the nature that we will miss when it is gone forever.
Plus: Michel Banabila’s ‘Just Above The Surface’

Michel Banabila + Maarten Vos

Banabila Sound Years

Michel Banabila and Maarten Vos perform the soundtrack for Conny Janssen’s dance production “Home”….

Banabila also released a (vinyl) compilation called “Sound Years” (and gives away three download codes to commenters on this post!)

Michel Banabila – Jump Cuts (EP)

Jump Cuts

On Jump Cuts, Banabila presents a return-to-style to the music that bears his unique personal trademark.
The kind of patchwork sounds he created for previous albums like Voiznoiz and Precious Images – the kind of music that also perfectly fits theatre, dance, documentary or movies soundtracks.

Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel – Music for Viola and Electronics


After they met when working together on Cloud Ensemble, Michel Banabila and Oene van Geel extended their collaboration which resulted in 2014’s “Music for Viola and Electronics”.

Both were so very enthusiastic about the new musical world that they had opened up, that they kept working on “Music for Viola and Electronics II”, which is released this month.

Judging by the (strikingly beautiful!) aerial landscape photography by Gerco de Ruijer on the cover, their collaboration will probably not end here: the crop of the (geometric) landscape on the Volume I cover photo is only partially harvested – by hand, line by line… a difficult, strenuous, but most rewarding work.

Michel Banabila – More Research from the Same Department

More Research

With The Latest Research from the Department of Electrical Engineering (2011), Michel Banabila dived deeper into more experimental electronic territory he started exploring on releases like “Spherics” (2001, 2003) and “Signals from Krakrot” (2008).
The sounds on this album are radically different from his more romantic, more acoustic ethno-jazz releases, but they never lost the characteristic ‘human touch’.

On More Research from the Same Department“, Banabila is vigorously searching for the heart and soul of electrical machinery, like an explorer presenting his discoveries.