DreamScenes 2016-11

I guess it’s because of the dark season… Somewhat different from the usual DreamScenes selection, this edition contains five (!) vocal tracks, and some acoustic (guitar-)oriented tracks.
So it seems this edition is somewhat more ‘pop-oriented’.
Still, there’s this genuine ‘ambient’ feel… a ‘late night’ session, if you wish.

So: light up the candles, sit back and enjoy November’s DreamScenes selection.

The [N]-Word

‘The N-Word’ – a showcase of releases by “N” (Hellmut Neidhart), most of them collabarations:

Collaborations with Sankt Otten (Männerfreundschaft Und Metaphysik), Simulacra (Birka), Aidan Baker & Dirk Serries (Enomeni) – as well as a solo album (Anklam)

Various Various

A collection of various compilations:
The Audiobulb label proves that intense beauty does exist * The renaissance of the Silent Records label continuing the From Here To Tranquility series * and a massive charity compilation titled Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

DreamScenes 2016-09/10

I have enjoyed a holiday in September, so I had to skip last month’s DreamScenes edition.
To compensate for the immeasurable grief this must have caused, ánd to celebrate the start of autumn, this edition is a twice as long as usual.

So I hope you’ll enjoy these two hours of new (and relatively new) music to make you float away into your daydream…