Allegaar (mix)

According to my dictionary, ‘Allegaar‘ translates to ‘Hotchenpotch‘ – but I can imagine there may be a better word for that!?

Just like the previous mix (“Leftover Mix“), this 2008 mix has no special theme, it’s just a collection of tracks mixed together fairly randomly. But in their new context the tracks seem to start to tell their own new story!


  • Spyweirdos – Sixth
    (Ten Numbers, 2008, Creative Space CS012)
  • Spyweirdos – Fourth
    – (Ten Numbers, 2008, Creative Space CS012)
  • Spyweirdos – Fifth
    – (Ten Numbers, 2008, Creative Space CS012)
  • Lawrence English – Intercepted Communications
    – (Studies for Stradbroke, 2008, Winds Measure Recordings WM11)
  • Sinke Dûs – That which was lost
    – (Akrasia, 2007, Cyclic Law 19th cycle)
  • Lost Lanterns – Home Distortion
    – (Polar Living, 2007, Resting Bell RB022)
  • Milieu – The Singing Pond
    – (Milieu, 2006, Experimedia EXP041)
  • Quosp – Aqua
    (Soundscapes, 2007, U-Cover CDR045)
  • Off Land – Take Count
    (Encounter Point, 2008, Resting Bell RB028)
  • Evan Bartholomew – Secret Enties into Darkness
    (Secret Enties into Darkness, 2008, Somnia 002)
  • Olafur Arnalds – Haust
    (Variations of Static, 2008, Erased Tapes Records ERATP8CD)
  • Olafur Arnalds – Fok
    (Variations of Static, 2008, Erased Tapes Records ERATP8CD)
  • Johann Johannsson – Ef Eg Heroi Aldrei
    (Englaborn, 2007, 4AD CAD 2733CD)
  • Johann Johannsson – Odi et Amo – Bis
    (Englaborn, 2007, 4AD CAD 2733CD)

Download Allegaar Now 89Mb (57 min.)


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  1. Cycleburner

    The good thing about these mixes are:

    – they’re usually long

    – they spend only a little while on one person’s work. Often people make some good work, but it is hard to listen to all of their work continuously, unless they’re really good (like Sleep Research Facility).

    – these mixes are fabulous for taking naps to!

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