Celer – Close Proximity…


This could have been one of the shortest reviews of this weblog: I simply could state that this music-induced some of the deepest sleep I experienced when listening to ambient music. And please don’t doubt that that is meant as a true compliment!

Even the found environmental sounds included in the tracks could not disturb the peaceful quiet and the balanced harmonies of this music. And most of the real-time environmental sounds merging in from outside can’t either.

This fact alone makes this album one of the most impressive I heard this year.

The music of Celer is the music of husband and wife Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long, a couple married in March 2007. Together they produced an impressive batch of ambient music, all of them well-balanced and well-respected.

Will and Dani found their own perfect balance of arts in creating music, literature and poetry – and Celer became a household name in ambient (guitar) music.

But the comforting sound of this album radically changes when realizing that Dani died of sudden heart failure recently (in july, 2009). With that knowledge, the environmental sounds of footsteps in the first track (Culling the Past from Unsentient Weeks) are the sound of desolate loneliness.
After Danielle’s death, Celer’s music can never be heard in the way it was intended to be at the time it was created.

“The meaning is in the Wonder”. (Kenneth Patchen).

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