Akira Rabelais – The Little Glass (+Spelle… reissue)

And suddenly, without any warning, there’s good news from the ever-enigmaticAkira Rabelais:
His entire back-catalogue is now available on Bandcamp – which is good news because most of these title were unavailable for a long time now.

And at the same time a new album is released: The Little Glass (available in digital as well as in physical format).

A good opportunity to re-visit the 2006 Spelle Special Radio Show, featuring music from Spelle…, some remixes, ánd exclusive unreleased material especially submitted by Akira Rabelais for this occasion!

Bruno Sanfilippo; Lucho Ripley; Lucy Claire; Christina Vantzou; Ulises Conti


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Classically trained musician and composer Bruno Sanfilippo (Spain) presents a beautiful romantic and somewhat melancholic set of modern classical compositions for piano, violin (Pere Bardagi) and violincello (Manuel del Fresno).
“With the fragility and beauty of some Arvo Pärt compositions and a high cinematic touch, “ClarOscuro” brings the perfect soundtrack for an imaginary movie.”

Pleq – Ballet Mechanic + Good Night 2

Ballet Mechanic

According to Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz from Warsaw, Poland)Ballet Mechanic”  is “his most personal, abstract and intellectual work to date, never to be repeated.

Ballet Mechaniccontains six tracks, over 70 minutes in total, “inviting the listener to travel through crackle, screech, squeak, sizzle and subtle drones”. 

Some of the tracks have a natural feel, like if it was created from field recordings instead of electronic sources. Other tracks  sound like distant machines humming while doing their work. 
All kinds of subtle shifts are happening in the immersive sound spectrum, but you’ll only become aware if you submerge yourself in the sound. The overall atmosphere is very calm and relaxing.