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Anniversary Collection: “Rope To The Sky” (Mix)

Rope To Te Sky artwork (Arash Akbari)

The first, somewhat hesitant, posts on this blog were published exactly 10 years ago. The weblog was called DreamScenes then, but it was the same blog you’re reading now.

To celebrate this, this mix is a part of a very special Anniversary Project.
It’s ‘special‘ because it’s different: this time it’s not compiled from existing tracks, but from tracks that were exclusively submitted for this purpose!   

35 brand new exclusive tracks by 30 artists … in a mix that is much longer than usual: 2 hours and 16 minutes!
I guess there’s no need to say that I am very very proud to be able to celebrate this anniversary in this particular way!

“Thanks to all artists for trusting me with a knife.”

Due to the nature of a ‘mix-collage’, only parts of the original tracks are used. That’s a bit of a waste if the original tracks are exclusives…
That is why, for the first time, Ambientblog presents its very own release available on Bandcamp: The AMBIENTBLOG ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION.
This full collection consists of all 35 tracks in their original length (3 hours and 35 minutes) AND the “Rope to the Sky” Mix (2 hours and 16 minutes).
That’s almost six hours of brand-new music!

Anniversary Credit Card.

USB credit card version available now!

But that’s not all:
There’s even more: a limited physical edition of this collection is also available: a 8 Gb USB CREDIT CARD presenting all of the above, PLUS:

  • 29 EXTRA bonus tracks (not included in the download version) (1 hr 34 min)
  • ALL 55 previous ambientblog MIXES: 55 hr 23 min (!!) of cinematic ambient immersion
  • Full track details for all mixes
  • Video versions of ‘Parallax’ and ‘Rust’

Yes, read that again: this little gem holds OVER 60 HOURS of music!
If you want to check the tracklisting details, check them here on Discogs.

I can’t really express how proud I am to present this release. But I think you can guess.

But anyway: if the mix is enough for you, or if you want to hear an impression of the full tracks of the collection, you can listen/download/stream it here in the usual ways:

Rope To The Sky - Sequence

Track Listing

Start Length Artist Title


DOWNLOAD ‘Rope To The Sky’ Now 314 Mb (2:16:36 min.)
[Alternative download from]
[DTS – Surround Version also available]

STREAM the Mixcloud version:



Widzjende Treast
words by Jan Kleefstra

Snie dea fallen ljocht
wat fingers net yn ‘e tiis bringe
sinne fiele wol
besykje net mei lichte stap
foar de wyn út te dwarreljen
hast mei in stim de tinne dûns
gled streake
waan dy it suver wjerbyld
fan de widzjende treast
oan it tou nei de himel
op myn wang de skimmel
foar it oare jier
Swaying Solace
words by Jan Kleefstra

Snow light fallen dead
that fingers do not entangle
sun wants to feel
do not attempt with a light step
to flutter out before the wind
with your voice you have smoothed over
the thin dance
imagine the purest counterpart
of the swaying solace
by the rope to the sky
on my cheek the fungus
for the following year
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DreamScenes 2015-10


Meandering from one end of the spectrum to the other, with a few surprises along the way – this is the DreamScenes Autumn selection for October:


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Origamibiro – Odham’s Standard + Collection


Since it was founded in 2005, the Denovali label has grown into one of the most important European independent labels, exploring different (mostly experimental) genres.
Apart from releasing new music, they also have a fine taste in finding albums worth re-releasing. Often, the re-releases are paired to the release of a new album by the same artist.

Origamibiro Collection

In the case of Origamibiro (an audio-visual collective consisting of Tom Hill, Andy Tytherleigh and visual artist Jim Boxall aka The Joy of Box), the new album “Odham’s Standard” is accompanied by the release of a 3CD/4LP package calledCollection, presenting their previous albums Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks (2007), Shakkei (2011), and Shakkei Remixed (2012).

Listening to the Collection box set shows that the debut album Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks was based mainly around Tom Hill’s guitar sound. It has a comfortable, melodic and intimate sound. Had this been a guitar solo album it would have reminded me of some of the Windham Hill label recordings from the early 80’s – but it’s the carefully placed additional sounds and sample effects that makes the difference.

Adding the skills of Andy Tytherleigh (double bass, ukulele, banjo, guitar) and Jim Boxall, “Shakkei” (or “Borrowed Landscape”) further explores the merging of intricate sounds and effects without losing the music’s intimacy. It is a perfectly balanced album on which the music never is what is seems to be. If you want more comparisions: Simon Jeffes’ Penguin Cafe Orchestra came to my mind.

Although there is much interesting to be heard in the 17-track remix album “Shakkei Remixed”, it also feels somewhat superfluous – the delicately balanced Shakkei hardly needed any further deconstruction. Still, it’s very interesting to hear what artists like Leafcutter John, Aus, Plaid, Isan, Proem, Offthesky (and many others) choose to do with the original material. And the (quite different) choices they make in their reworking, since every title returns in different remix-disguises more than once.

Odhams Standard

Having listened to Origamibiro’s back catalogue first, their new album Odham’s Standard is another logical step forward.
By now their trademark music (the strange deconstructed yet melodic, organic multi-instrumental ambient-electronica) feels familiar. But a new dimension is added: the concept of “supernatural aspects of audio and video material generation.”

Unknown to each other, Jim Boxall had begun researching spirit photography (“where images of deceased spirits are apparently imprinted onto photographic plates trough the presence of a medium”), while Tom Hill had taken interest in Electronic Voice Processing (EVP – “whereby hidden voices of deceased spirits appear to present themselves in audio recordings”).

In many other artists’ hands this fascination would have resulted in dark, ominous and maybe even frightening sound material, but not in the case of Origamibiro – their spirits and presences are obviously happy ghosts.
Whatever their origins, the snaps, crackles, hiss and noises are not just mere embellishments, but functional additions to Origamibiro’s enigmatic musical style.

(Release date Odham’s Standard: februari 28)

Origamibiro – Tinder

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Ian Hawgood – Slow Films in Low Light

A Film

Headphone Commute recently published a beautiful mix created entirely of tracks published on the Home Normal label. Although all tracks in the mix are interesting enhough to check out the full CD’s, I had to restrain myself when visiting the label website.

So I decided to start by ordering the latest release by Ian Hawgood (also Home Normal’s label owner): “Slow Films in Low Light“.

“Slow Films in Low Light” is a collection of reworkings of Ian Hawgood’s (now deleted) album “Soundtrack To A Film In My Head Which Will Never Get Made”. All tracks are “Films” recreated by a lot of Hawgood’s musical friends, and the result is a good overview of the kind of music Home Normal stands for.

I’m not familiar with the original album, so I cannot compare the tracks to their originals, but the reworkings and remixed do stand up for themselves, presenting a broad range of music compelling enough to further investigate the Home Normal releases (so be warned!).

The 14 “Slow Films” include tracks from Danny Norbury, Pan Am Scan,  Geskia!, Hannu, Miko, The Green Kingdom, Library Tapes, Ten and Tracer, Chihei Hatakeyama, Federico Durand, The Remote Viewer, Color Cassette, Yuri Miyauchi and He Can Jog (the latter presenting a vocal track featuring Nick Sanborn).

With all these artists freely spending their time and contributing their talent to this project, Hawgood decided that all proceedings of this release would go the Archway Foundation, a UK charity organisation ‘who serve those hurt by loneliness’.
In fact, that could be said about the music itself, too. This diverse set of contemporary ambient/experimental music never sounds ‘dark’ or ‘lonely’. It’s adventurous, exciting and worth investigating….in the way the kid on the cover photograph may feel.

By the way: “A Film by Cheihei Hatakeyama” is also included as the opening track in the “Subversion Guest Mix”

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