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Drone Cinema * Kenneth Kirschner * Johannes Malfatti * Kirk Kadish

Drone Cinema Vol. 1

A collection recorded for Kim Cascone’s Drone Cinema Festival * A Zen escape from the ordinary with the help of Kenneth Kirschner * Glacial Movements in sound by Johannes Malfatti * and a remarkable tribute to Bill Evans from Kirk Kadish

Jeffrey Roden – Threads Of A Prayer, Volume 1

Jeffrey Roden - Threads of a Prayer Vol. 1

Jeffrey Roden’s contemporary classical music for solo piano and string ensemble leaves enough room for many moments of silence.

In this unhurried meditative focus, the link to the work of Arvo Pärt and possibly Erik Satie, Morton Feldman and, to lesser extent, John Cage is obvious.

It’s Jeffrey Roden’s sole purpose to take the listener to “the other place: a place within oneself where there is a deeper awareness of many things both emotional and spiritual.”

OST: Arrival * Samorost 3 * Astroneer * Salero * Iris


Soundtrack binging time: three movies (Arrival by Johann Jóhansson, Salero by Adam Bryanbaum Wilztie, Iris by A Winged Victory For The Sullen) and two games (Samorost 3 by Floex and Astroneer by Rutger Zuydervelt).

DreamScenes 2016 – 12

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DreamScenes usually only features new releases, but this month I want to start with an exception in remembrance of Pauline Oliveros.
Among many other things, she will be remembered for her Deep Listening concept.

Concluding this edition with a track by Mario Batkoviç that feels like a (probably unintended) tribute to Oliveros.

In-between, there’s many other things (… and also many strings).