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Gideon Wolf – Year Zero

Gideon Wolf Slow

Year Zero is Gideon Wolf’s 4th album since 2012. It’s a solo album, in a way, but it could not have come to life without the contributions of a small ensemble of artists that played improvisations or ‘incoherent and strange phrases/notes’ that were later reassembled into the resulting pieces.

Working the other way around – composing pieces from instantaneous improvisations and a collection of short phrases – has given this music a refreshing element of surprise.
And it’s exactly that element that makes this album stand out among many others.

Various Various

Homework Year 1

Preserved Sound, Dronarivm, Home Normal and Taâlem present their label compilations that look ahead at 2017, look back at 2016, or (in the Taâlem case) overview their 15 years of existence.

All of them are generously offered as a ‘Name Your Price’ download!