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Moving Furniture Records, the unstoppable and persistent Dutch label for electronic and experimental music, runs a sub-series named Eliane Tapes. Named, of course, after Éliane Radigue, whose work inspired many artists in the field of drone or minimal electronic music. Éliane herself gave her approval to the series, which is a quality trademark in itself.

Elif Yalvaç‘s Vection is the seventh release in this series and is the first one released on CD (previous titles were released on cassette). Yalvaç holds an MA degree in Sonic arts (from Istanbul Technical University), and currently works in the UK teaching electronic music in London and Electronic Music Composition at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). She has always found inspiration in women artists, Eliane Radigue and the composition L’Île Resonante in particular.

Her music embraces opposites: ‘microsound glitches and slow builds; celestial beauty and abrasive energy’. While heavily influenced by (and dedicated to) Eliane Radigue, Vection is far more ‘dynamic’ (I could even say ‘dramatic’) than Radigue’s drone works.
To create her music, Elif uses MAX/MSP patches to ‘process the sounds usually with granular synthesis, FM synthesis, and wavetable synthesis’, also adding electric guitar, some field recordings, and sounds from her Game Boy.
The titles refer to ‘sky objects and physical phenomena as well as events that affect me in my life as I observe my environment’, and while the 33 minutes are divided into five tracks, they can (and should) be heard as one single composition.

Hannes Strobl


Without it being explicitly mentioned, one could say that Transformation Sonor by Hannes Strobl is also very much in line with the music and sound of Eliane Radigue:

‘Transformation Sonor explores the idea of process, of the slow transition from one musical situation to another, of transformation on the threshold of equivalence and differentiation. Expressive, outward gestures that allow the sound to fade into the background are avoided. Sound by itself beyond the perception of precise chords, harmonies or rhythms is at the centre of the composition’.

Berlin-based composer Hannes Strobl performs on his electric upright bass, creating a fascinating drone together with Elena Kakaliagou on French horn. These two instruments are combined with live electronics, ‘dissolving the boundaries between instrumental and electro-acoustic music’.

Transformation Sonor is released on Crónica and is available as a name-your-price (!) digital download.

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