Crows Labyrinth & Perry Frank * Gregory Paul Mineeff



Crows Labyrinth is Dutch artist Theo Tol‘s solo project. His ambient soundscapes are created mostly by using only his bass guitar and effects. This album, released on the Mare Nostrum label, is his collaboration with Sardinian guitarist Perry Frank.

The relatively short (but very effective) album presents four tracks plus remixes from two of these by Le Code and Pulse Mandala). There’s not much information included (none, exactly), so you’ll have to do with the music and titles like Daylight Sonata, Nostalgia, Twilight Ghosts, and, of course, Vanishing.

It’s always risky to compare music. But every time I listened to this album (and to the first two tracks especially), the lush atmosphere and mix reminded me of Brian Eno/Daniel LanoisApollo album from 1983. It’s the same kind of feeling, like floating in space, created by the unique combination of bass, guitar, embedded in layers of synths.
I guess that’s enough recommendation for now…

G P Mineeff


Although Australian composer and multi-instrumentalist Gregory Paul Mineeff has published some digital albums on the Cosmicleaf Records label, this release on Whitelabrecs eRecords series is my first encounter with his music. And it’s a delightful introduction!

Mineeff uses a variety of instruments (piano, analog synths, guitar, bass) to create his music ‘focusing on minimal structures and melody’. Most of the tracks began with simple analog synth drones, then he added layers of guitar motifs, bass, and electric piano.

So Many, Diminishes is an exploration of the restorative power of music and the meditative practice of composing and performing the music itself. The album was born of the exhaustion of everyday life and the many trials we endure. Each piece is a minimal meditation on this idea, with the title of each track combining to form one whole poem’.

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