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Robert Farrugia is born on Malta. In the Maltese language, Tilwin means ‘colouring’. With this album, Farrugia is ‘colouring’ some major event in his life in the second half of 2023, ‘a period of lows and highs’. Only a few details are given: ‘events as varied as a tragic incident endured by a loved one and their period of convalescence’ (Long Wait), or ‘the birth of a new family member on the Christmas day’ (Post Christmas). For the rest, the music itself will have to tell the story – a different story for each listener.

‘Each event described here is coloured in Robert’s mind by a ‘hue’, that was then reflected in each track forming the album. Hence the album name: Tilwin’

The physical CD-edition (150) is packed in a 4-panel digipack with a very nice soft touch finish, in a hand-stamped heavyweight slipcase. Tilwin is released on the Dronarivm label, which are currently distributed from Amsterdam by Fonodroom.

The Sirens Of Titan


This new album by Enrico Coniglio is also released on Dronarivm and also in a classy soft-touch digisleeve and slipcase (but in this case a 6-panel digipack including 8 prints on tracing paper). According to Discogs, this is his 17th album (since 2002), and his fourth for Dronarivm.

The Sirens Of Titan is an homage to Kurt Vonnegut’s novel from 1959, a ‘comic science fiction involving issues of free will, omniscience, and the overall purpose of human history, with much of the story revolving around a Martian invasion of Earth’ (Wiki).
With ‘guitar tapestries and space oddities, Coniglio transports audiences to uncharted realms of delicate emotions’. For those who have read the Vonnegut novel, the music works as its music score, but knowledge of the story is not needed to enjoy it.

The prints that are included with the CD-release (limited to 150 copies) are created by Alina Lutaeva. These drawings are based on scenes for the novel and specifically created for this release.

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