Seaman/Diagram/Spera * Iu Takahashi

The World Was Turning Before


Released at the same time in the Laaps series, and so also meant to celebrate Autumn (but equally enjoyable in Winter or any other season), is this collaboration of Bill Seaman, Tim Diagram (aka Maps and Diagrams), and Stephen Spera. Seaman and Spera worked together earlier on Architectures of Light, which was released on Diagram’s Handstitched label in 2022.

The World Was Turning Before ‘focuses on a balance of sound-making and collecting processes explored individually as well as between the three’ – which means a lot is happening in the detailed layers of sounds: ‘images dissolve one into the other forming textures and shifting visions, as well as lovely minimal tonal gestures. This collaged tapestry forms from slightly different sources in each work, giving the album a rich diversity of sound perspectives, yet forms a strong cohesive whole.’

After creating these (11) compositions, they ‘no longer knew who played what…’. The trio obviously enjoyed their adventurous musical trip: I guess this will not be the last time they work together.



Although it was released a week before Winter started, this 32nd release in the ongoing Laaps series is dedicated to Autumn. Indeed it has a nice autumnal atmosphere, which can immediately be felt in the opening track Awake / Lakeside.

Iu Takahashi is a sound artist living in Yokohama. Sense / Margin is her sixth release. Her music (or world views as she calls it) is often used in exhibitions and in videos. Apart from the found sounds, field recordings, and synthesizers, her voice plays an important role in her soundscapes.

Her music is based on the Japanese ambient music tradition, inspired by artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura and Satoshi Ashikawa. But Sense / Margin clearly demonstrates that she has developed her own distinct sound – always keeping in mind ‘to deliver music that is considerate of the listener’s thoughts and feelings …. Music that is conscious of the unconscious mind’.

If ‘Zen’ was a sound it would probably sound like this.

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