From Overseas & Zakè * Amongst Myselves

From Overseas & Zaké


Another impressive release on the Past Inside The Present (PITP) label: this time it’s a collaboration of Zakè (Zach Frisell) and From Overseas (Kévin Séry).

‘Creating an abundance of short vignettes, the duo took their favorite sounds and created foundational loops for these solemn arrangements. They expanded on these short loops with intentional reshaping and expansion of the initial sounds by introducing and converging various guitar parts, tape processing, and synthesizer work.’

The (eight) tracks have varying lengths, somewhere between 5 and 21 minutes, but all of them feel as if time doesn’t exist, ‘exemplifying patience while displaying meticulous attention to the finer details.’

Demain, Dès L’Aube translates as Tomorrow, At Dawn – and the music on this album makes one curious about what possibly awaits us at that particular moment. One thing is certain: it will be very peaceful. A moment to look forward to.

Amongst Myselves


Amongst Myselves is the project of Australian artist Steve Roberts, who began making music after hearing the early electronics from artists like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, and the like. But this does not mean he tries to copy their music: over the years he developed his own – immersive – style.
His first albums were released between 2001 and 2014. After a break, The Good Earth was released in 2020.

And now there’s An Abandoned Day, the ninth release. On this album, Roberts ‘explores endings. From changes in climates to the end of life’. Tracks deal with issues like the changing seasons, the overuse of agricultural chemicals, pollution, melting oceans, the universe, and, ultimately, the end of humanity. No less.

But this does not mean the music is dark and pessimistic. At least, not necessarily – it’ll probably depend on the mood of the listener itself. According to Steve Roberts, the compositions are more melodic in structure, taking a step away from drone to some degree but retaining the atmospheric characteristics he is known for’.
Apart from using synths, guitars, and field recodings, he also includes some interesting hand-made electronics to ‘continue his quest to create compelling landscapes based on observations of the world and universe around him’.

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