For Ukraine (Mix)

For Ukraine

Among the many benefit albums and compilations that are released in support of the Ukrainian cause, the two that were curated by Hollie Kenniff in collaboration with Headphone Commute deserve special attention because of the wide range of artists presented in the (48) tracks.
All proceedings from these albums will be donated to International Rescue Committee to support displaced children and families with vital supplies during the Crisis in Ukraine.

Volume 1 was released on March 18 and Volume 2 followed on April 29 – so chances are you already know them. If not: check them on Bandcamp with the links below. Support is still needed, because unfortunately the war is not over yet.


When Mike (Headphone Commute) Lazarev invited me to do a mix of both albums, I initially hesitated to do so. How to avoid people NOT buying the compilations because they already have the mix? The mix should boost sales, not reduce them.
To avoid redundancy I decided to edit (or shorten) EVERY track in this mix: none of them are included in their original full length! So think of it as ‘preview edits’.
And remember: not all tracks of the two compilations are included in this mix. Only 27 of the 48 tracks are included, so that leaves another 21 ‘musical incentives’ to buy the compilations!

If you like this mix, or even if you dón’t like it, be sure to check out both charity compilations and help support the Ukrainian cause!

Included Tracks and their start time:
(Note: All tracks are edited/shortened. Download the original benefit compilations for the full-length versions)

  • 00:00 Kiev Ambiance Intro by Stanislav Teterevlev
  • 00:53 Madeline Cocolas – Emergence
  • 03:48 Marine Eyes – Heart Held
  • 06:38 Rachel Grimes – Patsy (instrumental)
  • 08:35 Heather Woods Broderick – Monarch
  • 11:03 Benoît Pioulard – Rasping Descend
  • 13:02 Slow Reels – Interference
  • 14:16 Simon Scott – Ember
  • 16:57 Helios (feat. Hollie Kenniff) – Enfold
  • 18:57 Christopher Willits – The Unknown Sea
  • 21:48 Gailes – 7.83
  • 25:35 Ryuichi Sakamoto and Illia Bondarenko – Piece For Illia
  • 27:45 IKSRE – Seeds
  • 28:59 Nailah Hunter – Palace
  • 30:30 Sachi Kobayashi – Sakura
  • 31:22 Karen Vogt – Light Must Come
  • 32:56 Lea Bertucci & Lawrence English – This Heavy Rock
  • 34:30 Mike Lazarev – Incoming
  • 36:17 Endless Melancholy – A Peace Once Lost
  • 37:39 Julia Kent – Spring Snow
  • 40:33 Zakè & 36 – Rodych
  • 43:14 Hammock – Displacement
  • 44:54 Claire Deak – A Million Cloaked Ghosts
  • 47:14 Joe Trapanese – Introspection
  • 49:53 Rhian Sheehan – We Found Ourselves Beneath A Dark Sky
  • 52:29 Rose Riebl – Near Dark
  • 53:50 Aisha Burns and Jake Woodruff – The Reservoir
  • 57:33 Hollie Kenniff and Anna Phoebe – Ways Of Seeing

(This mix is also published on Headphone Commute)

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