Summer Extras – 5

I can’t keep up! The amount of promos I receive exceeds the frequency of my posts by far. Even if I raise the ‘publishing standards’ (which means that some very nice albums fall through the cracks), the pile of albums that I dó want to recommend grows at a frightful speed. And some of the albums inexplicably remain at the bottom of that pile, until the moment where I start to wonder if it’s too late because I missed the ‘momentum’. But at the same time, I realise that there may be still some people out there that may not have heard about these albums.
So here is my cowardly solution to that: I’ll mention some of these albums, simply to ‘clear the pile’, not searching for my own words to describe them… but simply to recommend listening to them in case you missed them earlier.

Tapestry Flow


“Italian ambient/electronic musician jarguna and Swedish cellist Meierkord’s first collaboration offers lush sonic detailing. It’s a borderline album between acoustics and electronics, blurring where the natural instrument and electronic synthesis lie. Over the course of 75 minutes, Tapestry Flow opens a warm and beautiful space then moves slowly through it. The album’s textures move with deliberate slowness as this duo carefully edge ever closer to quiet contemplation, a harmonic match to our emotional experiences.”


PRUSKI – PLAYGROUND   Also on Spotify

“(Pawel) Pruski is based in Krakow, Poland. The subtly varied ambient drones and field recordings on Playground reflect various scenes of discovery. It is a journey into a child’s world. A world without sophisticated sentences, complicated relationships or conventions. It is an attempt to look from the side back to the beginning of our journey in this world. What was it like to be surprised by the colour of the leaves, rain, and the ticking of the clock? For this is a journey to a place where the tree is the whole world, and a small meadow can be the whole cosmos.”


LLYN Y CWN – DINORWIC   Also on Spotify

Llyn Y Cwn (Benjamin Ian Powell‘s alias named after a small lake in the Glyder mountain range of Snowdonia) conveys atmosphere and environment through deep ambient sounds: echoes reflecting the bleak majesty and poetic melancholy of the hinterland of North Wales. The backdrop for this cavernous soundtrack is Dinorwic slate quarry. The field recordings were taken in this vast subterranean environment where an exposed scar of rock is carved out of the mountainside on the western slope of Elidir Fawr in Snowdonia, North Wales.
File next to fellow Welshman Lustmord”

Black Garden


Shinjuku Thief is the recording project of Australian musician and soundtrack composer Darrin Verhagen. On the soundtrack for Black Garden – based on the 9th circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno – his trademark lush symphonic darkness is paired back to reveal the pulsing core beneath — an evocative ambient, post-industrial, drone soundscape.
Stay indoors. Turn out the lights and let Verhagen gently feed you his latest nightmare.”

Robert Millis


Related Ephemera is an album composed mostly from the hiss, the crackle, the surface noise of 78rpm shellacs and wax cylinders. Robert Millis intends for the album to be a feedback loop whereby the patina of handling, playing, living with the record will circle back to the original source material. Furthering that metaphor, Millis amplifies and dilates feedback tones generated from his collection of vintage gramophones.
It’s hardly the stuff of sentimental nostalgia though. Related Ephemera is more an act of time travel, slipping backwards and forwards with the scratch of a needle. The emotional core to the album is that of a resigned melancholy, almost Bergman-esque in its starkness but not without a brief moment of dark humor.”

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