Summer Extras – 4

I can’t keep up! The amount of promos I receive exceeds the frequency of my posts by far. Even if I raise the ‘publishing standards’ (which means that some very nice albums fall through the cracks), the pile of albums that I dó want to recommend grows at a frightful speed. And some of the albums inexplicably remain at the bottom of that pile, until the moment where I start to wonder if it’s too late because I missed the ‘momentum’. But at the same time, I realise that there may be still some people out there that may not have heard about these albums.
So here is my cowardly solution to that: I’ll mention some of these albums, simply to ‘clear the pile’, not searching for my own words to describe them… but simply to recommend listening to them in case you missed them earlier.



“The new album by Amsterdam duo Wanderwelle comes after fascinating releases on Silent Season and Semantica, and marks their first fully-Ambient record. It’s a dark and twisted dive into a new world packed full of field recordings, samples, and eerie- atmospheres.” 

Marja Ahti


“The first half of the album consists of ”The Altitudes”, inspired by descriptions of the layers of Earth’s atmosphere. The second half consists of four shorter pieces: a dance of trembling charged movements, resonant tones from a trail of close-up recordings of winter environments, streaming air in different forms…
The closing track, ”Sundial”, could be construed as the steady turning of the planetary angle towards the sun, unfolding through fragments of everyday activity against the backdrop of piercing, slowly twisting, suspended tone.”



‘While Irisarri’s compositions typically field an array of modern ambient overtones threaded through oceanic symphonies with tape loops, bowed electric guitar and vast washes of overdriven sound, his debut album for Dais Records, Peripeteia, portray these common themes giving way to metal and classical influences that emphasizes Irisarri’s melancholic tendencies. These unique overtures, coupled with his signature layering of distortion and bleached-out textures, fabricate an audible environment that would seemingly be at odds with, yet gracefully complement each other.”



Ümlaut is Jeff Düngfelder, a U.S. experimental sound artist based in Queens, New York. “Insight” explores personal growth through the vessel of memory and emotion. The
unexpected and the familiar are turned inward. Environmental sounds, manipulated field
recordings, electronic processing and acoustic sourcing contribute to the compositional
pastiche. Realities surface and interweave with overlapping electroacoustic textures.”

INST 19-20

JACK WOODBURY – INST. 19-20   Also on Spotify

Jack Woodbury is an electroacoustic composer and audio engineer based in
Wellington, New Zealand. Inst.19-20 was composed, mixed, and mastered as part of his
studies at the New Zealand School of Music. He cites Nicolas Bernier, Natasha
Barrett, and Taylor Deupree among his influences. The album is produced using processed recordings of piano, tubular bells, and field recordings of New Zealand’s Ohariu Valley. Compositionally, the album employs generative looping software, the juxtaposition of noise/glitch and ambient material, and terraced dynamics.”

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