DreamScenes 2016 – 12

DreamScenes usually only features new releases, but this month I want to start with an exception in memory of Pauline Oliveros.
She introduced the concept of Deep Listening – which is only one of the many things she left behind and will be remembered for.

Watertank Software was the very first track I ever heard of her music. Needless to say it left a deep impression.
It was released in 1985 on the amazing Vor Der Flut collection, recorded in an empty watertank with a 45 second reverberation.


Pauline Oliveros- Watertank Software
(From “Vor Der Flut”, 1985)



This december edition is concluded with a track by Mario Batkoviç, who is also exploring the possibilities and limits of the accordeon.
This particular track – Desiderii Patriae, from his forthcoming album Solo – feels like a (probably unintended) tribute to Oliveros’ Deep Listening concept.

Well, so much for the beginning and the end of this edition.
Apart from that: in-between, there’s many other things (… and also many strings).


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