Vapor – A Miasmah mix by Erik K. Skodvin

I don’t usually promote concerts and festivals on Ambientblog, simply because they are of local interest only.

The Miasmah Label Night, for example, this weekend in Leuven (October 9) and in Dordrecht  (October 10) – featuring Kreng Trio, James Welburn, Simon Scott and Svarte Greiner may be of interest to many blog visitors, but is probably only within travelling reach for those of you coming from the Netherlands or Belgium.

The reason for this particular exception is this special mix, created by Miasmah label owner Erik K. Skodvin a.k.a. Svarte Greiner.
It’s a compilation of Miasmah releases demonstrating the label’s constant quality in the (almost) 10 years of its existence.
A treat for all those that can visit the label nights this week, but maybe even more for those who can’t!


  • Volcano The Bear – Horse
    (from Commencing, 2015, to be released)
  • James Welburn – Hold
    (from Hold, 2015)
  • Encre – Plexus II
    (field recording excerpt from Plexus II, 2006)
  • Eric Thielemans – River
    (from Sprang, 2014)
  • Svarte Greiner – White Noise
    (from Black Tie, 2013)
  • Kreng – Monkey side A
    (excerpt from Works for Abattoir Férme, 2012)
  • Andrea Belfi – Su Linee Rette
    (from Natura Morta, 2014)
  • Simon Scott – Ashma
    (from Navigare, 2009)
  • Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti – Stained
    (excerpt from Gramercy, 2012)
  • Kaboom Karavan – Road Map
    (from Short Walk with Olaf, 2007/2013)
  • B/B/S/ – Gather Part 2
    (from Half Moon 7″, 2013)
  • Kreng – Stef in Rome
    (from Monster 10″, 2012)
  • Elegi – Søvnens Kvelertak
    (from Sistereis, 2007)
  • Gabriel Saloman – Mine Field
    (from Soldier´s Requiem, 2013)
  • Gultskra Artikler – Krovinka Moya
    (from Kasha Iz Topora, 2007)

Download VAPOR Now 144Mb (59:52 min.)

by Erik K. Skodvin (Svarte Greiner)

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