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Jam Karet (Elastic Time) (Mix)
Jam Karet (Elastic Time)

“Jam Karet” is Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) meaning “Elastic Time” (or “Rubber Hours”).
It is used for all ‘time waiting patiently or expected, rather than wasted’. It definitely also makes life easier: if you have an appointment at 9pm jam karet and arrive at 9.30 pm, you are still not too late.
Time simply isn’t very relevant in everyday life …

To me, Jam Karet can also be applied to many mixes including ambient and drone fragments… where the listener gets immersed in sound in such a way that all notion of time is lost. Where music could last for minutes, or for hours.
With that idea in the back of my mind, I started working on this mix.
The result is a collage with samples from a lot of different sources – ambient music, early electronic music experiments, field recordings and fragments or ‘acousmatic’ music – mixed together to (hopefully) make you lose track of time…

Created for (and published on) Headphone Commute:
“Peter Van Cooten and I have exchanged music recommendations since the birth of Headphone Commute. In fact, there are many times that I feel like I’m speaking to him as opposed to my anonymous audience. Through these words, Peter and I have been able to discover and indeed influence each other’s music tastes throughout the years. This past November, I had an opportunity to visit the Netherlands to cover Le Guess Who? music festival, and so when I realized that Utrecht was also Peter’s hometown, I purchased my plane tickets with a high anticipation of finally meeting him in person. I was not let down in my expectations of Peter’s warm reception, extremely friendly character, and a reflective outlook on life — hmmm… I wonder if there is a relation between that and the music that we both enjoy. Anyway! Today I’m excited to welcome PvC with another absolutely gorgeous mix for Headphone Commute podcast.”

Jam karet sequence

start time – sample length – Artist – Title
(Album Title, Release Year, Label details)

  • 00:00 04:30 Samora – Uranium
    (Lontano, 2014, Tranquillo / Psychonavigation TRAN005)
  • 03:38 04:21 Witte Ruis – Droon 1.1A
    (Places, 2014, Lomechanik LOMEK025)
  • 06:03 04:56 Orphax – Mantophasmatodea
    (Oniscus Asellus, 2014, self-released)
  • 08:26 02:33 Alvin Lucier – Music for Gamelan Instruments, Microphones and Loudspeakers
    (Resonance 9.2, 2002, London Musician’s Collective RES 9.2 )
  • 09:21 02:07 Francisco Lopez – Untitled #240
    (Untitled [2009], 2011, Baskaru Karu:20)
  • 11:05 02:26 Ulises Conti – M
    (Los Griegos Creían Que Las Estrellas Eran Pequeños Agujeros Por Donde Los Dioses Escuchaban A Los Hombres, 2014, Flau FLAU41)
  • 12:36 03:29 Marina Rosenfeld – New York/It’s All About
    (P.A./ Hard Love, 2013, Room40, RM430)
  • 15:39 01:05 Paul Schütze – Sacred Agents
    (New Maps of Hell, 1996, Big Cat ABB 104 CD)
  • 16:00 02:00 Brunette Models – Nie Bryza Targane Poczwary Glebin
    (Impressions of Whispers, 2009, Jamenda 057363)
  • 16:30 04:10 Jacaszek & Kwartludium – Sigh (Les Peupliers)
    (Catalogue des Arbres, 2014, Touch TO;94)
  • 19:30 03:34 Slim Vic – Divalater (Part 1)
    (Brain Mash, 2014, Lamour Records lamourcd001)
  • 21:09 03:00 Sava Marinkovic – Opening
    (Evocation, 2014, self-released)
  • 22:51 02:38 Mica Levi – Andrew Void / Lipstick to Void
    (Under the Skin OST, 2014, Milan, 399 543-2)
  • 25:01 02:24 Hortus Conclusus – Drone_66 Denebola
    (Selected Drones, 2011, Nostress Netlabel NN_LP006_11_11)
  • 26:00 01:32 Laurie Spiegel – Three Sonic Spaces I
    (Unseen Worlds, 1994, Aesthetic Engineering AE 11001-2)
  • 27:06 00:31 Tod Dockstader – Four Telemetry Tapes, No. 2
    (Apocalypse, 1993, Starkland ST-202)
  • 27:13 04:31 Pete Namlook – Music for Urban Meditation – Part VI
    (Music for Urban Meditation, 2004, Fax PK 08/167)
  • 27:28 00:46 Tod Dockstader – Four Telemetry Tapes, No. 3
    (Apocalypse, 1993, Starkland ST-202)
  • 28:46 05:39 Porzellan – Between Two Suns
    (The Fourth Level of Comprehension, 2009, Hibernate HB03)
  • 32:33 02:50 Max Richter – Journey 3
    (Infra, 2010, Fat Cat Records CD 13-11)
  • 35:00 03:40 Monolake – Avalanche
    (Silence, 2009, Imbalance Computer Music ML025)
  • 37:21 03:52 Mesektet – Hollow Monolitis
    (Towards a Bleak Sun, 2014, Cold Spring CSR191CD)
  • 39:33 03:07 Erik Enocksson – Epilogue
    (Man Tänker Sitt, 2009, Kning Disk KD070)
  • 41:41 02:38 Kate Carr – Sunset
    (Overheard in Doi Saket, 2014, 3Leaves 3L030)
  • 42:54 02:00 Man Watching the Stars – Alpha Ursae Minoris
    (Dusk, 2014, CIUIN UIN002)
  • 43:31 02:31 Yair Elazar Glotman – Khaypudyr Bay
    (Northern Gulfs, 2014, Glacial Movements GM012)
  • 45:18 04:19 Alva Noto – Alva Noto Z1 (For John Cage)
    (For, 2006, Line LINE_026)
  • 48:21 01:57 The The – Meat Fever
    (Tony, 2010 Lazarus Cineola 1)
  • 49:24 08:10 Svarte Greiner – Final Sleep (Remix by Hecq)
    (Conversions, 2014, Ad Noiseam adn174)
  • 55:12 02:45 Mike Cooper – Jalan Sam Heng
    (White Shadows in the South Seas, 2013, Room40 RM454)
  • 56:16 02:18 Penjaga Insaf – Cross the Border
    (To Whom it May Concern, 2005, Shortwave Transmission SWT01)
  • 57:22 03:09 Penjaga Insaf – Sang Dalang
    (Sama Sadja, 2010, Power & Steel PAS 27)
  • 59:01 07:11 Man Watching the Stars – Fields (Dusk)
    (Dusk, 2014, CIUIN UIN002)
  • 1:06:47 – End

Download Jam Karet Now 169Mb (67 min.)
[Alternative download from Archive.org]

[DTS – Surround Version also available]

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  1. Kees van den Berg (via Facebook)

    ‘Jam Karet’, Indonesisch voor ‘elastische tijd’, is de titel die Peter van Cooten aan zijn nieuwe mix gaf. Ik vind het zo knap hoe hij talloze muziekfragmenten naadloos aan elkaar mixt tot één spannend geheel.
    Sluit je ogen en laat je meevoeren op de stroom van deze muzikale reis, een reis naar binnen, of naar buiten. Zo nu en dan word je opgeschrikt door merkwaardige flarden; dan weer strelen tedere tonen je oren. Je kunt het ook gewoon aanzetten als je aan het lezen of het studeren bent, of de afwas aan het doen bent. Ach, wat dan ook – deze mix geeft alledaagse bezigheden een etherische glans. Althans, bij mij. Wie durft het aan: deze muziek der onthaasting?!