DreamScenes 2015-02

The february edition of DreamScenes, with some great tracks from new and forthcoming releases.
(Full playlist details published below).


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  1. Gosh Snobo (via Facebook)

    And once again Peter Van Cooten brings us a no-fillers, all-winners selection of finest, shimmering and soul-healing ambient with his DreamScenes series podcast, now at volume #5. I absolutely loved every single track here, but the most jaw-dropping discovery for me is Second Moon Of Winter, with their fresh album just out on Denovali. Enjoy! And be sure to follow PvC.

  2. Gosh Snobo (via Mixcloud)

    Shimmering, healing, soothing and peace-bringing selection from start to finish. Exactly what my sodden soul and tired ears were asking for. Every track is an aural delight, but two highlights made me immediately stop what I was doing and run for the source – Second Moon of Winter and Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà. Just wow. Thanks again for what you’re doing!