DreamScenes 2014-10

This is the very first of a monthly broadcast I plan to do from now, presenting (more or less) recent ambient/electronic music in a one hour uninterrupted “show”.
These programs will be streamed “live” every first friday evening of the month (+1 UTC; 21:00hr local time) via the MIXLR channel  -where you can join in and chat/comment if you like!
They will also stay available for on-demand listening on the  DreamScenes MIXCLOUD channel. (link below)

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:00 Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel – Sinus en Snaar
    Music for Viola and Electronics
    ; 2014
    Tapu Records, TR-003
  • 12:25 Pan & Me – Yotsuya Station
    Ocean Noise, 2014
    Denovali Records, DEN213
  • 16:34 Markus Mehr – Buoy
    Binary Rooms, 2014
    Hidden Shoal
  • 18:34 Markus Mehr – Power Plant
    Binary Rooms, 2014
    Hidden Shoal
  • 23:01 David Shea – Meditation
    Rituals , 2014
    Room 40, RM461
  • 28:30 Mendel Kaelen – Sunayaca Tala
    Sequence 8, 2014 (Free download)
  • 37:27 Kevin Verwijmeren – It’s Not Where You Go
    Sequence 8, 2014 (Free download)
  • 44:21 Emre Sevindik – Slowboat Mekong
    Harita, 2014 (Free Download)
  • 49:02 Ian William Craig – A Slight Grip, A Gentle Hold, Part 1
    A Turn of Breath, 2014
    Recital; Recital Eight
  • 52:36 Ian William Craig – Either Or
    A Turn of Breath, 2014
    Recital; Recital Eight
  • 57:40 Outro

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  1. PvC

    @Mike: I know these “helpers” exist, but as I said I do not want to promote them explicitly on this blog, because I do not want to get into trouble, copyright discussions, take down notices, etc. about the tracks published here.
    I really value the support of the artists and I do hope they will be able to make some money from their music.
    That’s why I partly edited your comment. Hope you understand.

  2. Mike

    You can use [xxxxx edited, see below] to download video and music streams from websites like soundcloud, mixcloud, youtube, and many other, even x-rated, sites.

    E.g. this one was saved as an mp4 file.

    Have fun!

  3. PvC

    I’m still considering this, but currently there’s streaming only through Mixcloud and Mixlr. This is because (unlike most mixes on Ambientblog) these mixes include full album tracks from recent albums (sometimes to-be-released yet). I don’t want to run into copyright issues or takedown notices; I just want to promote music worth hearing. Think of it as if it was a ‘radio program’.. Hope you understand this.