Introducing: DreamScenes

Some of you may remember that before this blog became “Ambientblog” in 2009, it was called DreamScenes“.

Although still a ‘niche genre’, the interest in ambient/electronic/experimental music has kept growing, and currently there seems to be much more music than I could ever write about here.
Which sometimes leaves me with a slight guilt about not presenting music that is definitely worth listening!

Time to revive the “radio show” format…..! (in a way)

Starting October, 3, the DreamScenes ambient music channel will be uploaded monthly to MIXCLOUD – ánd of course here on Ambientblog.

Currently, I’m planning a monthly one hour broadcast on every first friday of the month.
That won’t nearly be enough, I guess, but we’ll see where it gets us from there… If there’s enough interest I might spend some more time later..

But why the different name?
I decided not to publish these ‘shows’ through the same channels as the current Ambientblog Mixes (Mixcloud, Podcast, App etc), because they will probably be quite different in nature.

Ambientblog mixes usually are quite complex collages, with a lot of (often indistinguishable) fragments trying to tell their story.
The DreamScenes broadcasts will be much simpler – they will present mostly full tracks, in a continuous mix – without any cut-up trickery.

The main goal for the DreamScenes broadcasts is to present ambient music – but to present it without words and just let the music speak for itself.
Of course all track album and release details will be provided with every broadcast to help you find the album.

Needless to say: I really hope you’ll join in at some time, maybe even chat along or leave a comment to let me know you’re out there….

NOTE: all DreamScenes editions can be viewed by selecting DreamScenes in the Category dropdown box, or by simply going to

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