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Solaris Mindset (Mix)

Mentioning Andrej Tarkovsky’s 1972 movie Solarisas a source of inspiration has become a bit of cliche somehow. This classic movie (we’re talking the original Russian 1972 version now) has inspired numerous people, in various fields of art, in its 40 years of existence.

The sparse music soundtrack, created by Edward Artemyev, and the overall meditative ambient atmosphere has also inspired a great deal of ambient music artists.
It also inspired this mix-collage.
Referring to Solaris from a mix like this may not really be in the ‘true spirit’ of what Tarkovsky meant to achieve: he originally wanted to make the movie entirely without using music at all, and asked composer Artemyev to orchestrate the ambient sounds as a musical score. The latter proposed subtly introducing orchestral music. (source).

The sparse use of musical background, together with the length and slow pace of the movie (a ‘meditative psychological drama’) has always had a strange effect on me: it puts me in some kind of half-sleep, a kind of state in which where it is difficult to distinguish details, to separate reality from images less ‘real’.
A half-conscious state of mind that perfectly matches the movie’s theme.


This mix includes many different sources. Some parts of the originals Artemyev soundtrack are linked to fragments of the beautiful game soundtrack from Skyrim, by Jeremy Soule. The cinematic parts are alternated with various electronic soundscape fragments – familiar and less familiar.
Together with many tiny fragments from your own memory, a new – and strictly personal- alternate reality may be created, which (like in Solaris) may be hard to distinguish from real life…

Solaris was originally released in march 1972.
This tribute mix is celebrating this inspiring movie’s 40th anniversary!

Solaris Mindset - Sequence Scheme

[start time][sample length] [Artist] – [Title]
[Album Title], [Year], [Label #]

  • 00:00 01:06 Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic – The Hymn of the 7th Illusion
    Motorlab #3, 2001, Kitchen Motors, km4
  • 01:00 00:57 Jeremy Soule – Solitude
    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Original Soundtrack, 2011, Bethesda Softworks, 20-65221/4
  • 01:38 01:19 Digitonal – Polaris
    Leaving Eleven, 2011, Leaves LVS001
  • 02:25 02:15 Sun Hammer – A Dream in Blood
    A Dream in Blood, 2012, Future Sequence FS002
  • 03:21 03:28 Bass Communion – Citadel
    Cenotaph, 2011, Tonefloat tf116
  • 04:43 03:31 Bpolar– Nag Champa
    Dhupa, 2012, Feedbackloop Label fbl022
  • 07:28 03:30 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Past Midnight
    From the Stairwell, 2011, Denovali DEN86
  • 10:08 02:31 Chris Watson – By Kelso Dunes
    Recorded in the Field by…, 2006, Gruenrekorder Gruen 033
  • 10:51 03:13 Skare – To the other Shore
    Solstice City, 2009, Glacial Movements Records GM005
  • 13:06 02:21 The Boats – I’m not a Pessimist, I’m Sad
    The Ballad of the Eagle, 2011, Our Small Ideas OSI007
  • 14:32 03:39 Pietro Riparbelli – The Dome, Orvieto
    Four Churches, 2010, Touch Spire 4
  • 16:45 06:32 Penjaga Insaf – Melting Pot
    To Whom it May Concern, 2005, Shortwave Transmission SWT01
  • 22:32 01:47 Eduard Artemyev – Solaris-Dream
    Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, 1990, Torso Kino, CD5001
  • 24:00 02:46 Jeremy Soule – Sky Above, Voice Within
    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Original Soundtrack, 2011, Bethesda Softworks, 20-65221/4
  • 25:42 03:40 Eduard Artemyev – Solaris-Dream
    Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, 1990, Torso Kino, CD5001
  • 27:56 04:36 Christina Vantzou – 1111 (Dustin O’Halloran Remix)
    No. 1 Remixes, 2012, The Numbered Series TNSCDDVD
  • 30:42 03:55 Oophoi – Bisbigli Di Angeli Tra Cielo e Terra Part 1
    Il Silenzio di Dio, 2011, Databloem DB035-2011
  • 34:08 01:11 Machinefabriek – Sol Sketch 7
    Sol Sketches, 2011, Self Released
  • 34:29 02:30 Bgudna – Maybe Warm Blooded
    Other Plans for Field Experience, 2011, En Stillhet som döden netlabel
  • 35:55 01:20 Luigi Turra – Aura
    Iron: Dragon’s Eye Sixth Anniversay, 2012, Dragons Eye Recordings 2012
  • 36:42 01:45 Jan M. Iversen – Morning has Broken Bones
    Standalones, 2010, TIBProd Mp3 album 100
  • 37:17 02:54 Simon Whetham – Part First (An Uncertain Distance)
    Prayers Unheard, 2011, Dragon’s Eye Recordings – de5032
  • 37:57 03:25 Listening Mirror – Venice Boxhead
    Resting in Aspic, 2012, Hibernate HB39
  • 40:34 01:52 Restive – G2 000041
    [M201127-09] G2.1, 2011, self-released
  • 41:06 02:50 Wesolowski + Kaliski – 271011#3
    281011, 2012, Few Quiet People
  • 43:00 02:00 Longina – Oidar
    Essays on Radio; Can I Have 2 Minutes of Your Time, 2005, Crónica 020~2005
  • 43:59 03:00 Porter Ricks – Porter Ricks Mix
    Replay Debussy, 2003, Universal Music (Germany) 472 801-2
  • 44:55 02:32 Eduard Artemyev – Solaris III
    Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, 1990, Torso Kino, CD5001
  • 46:40 03:30 Hybernation – Occident Express
    Sequence 2, 2011, Future Sequence
  • 48:53 02:36 Jeremy Soule – Death in the Darkness
    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Original Soundtrack, 2011, Bethesda Softworks, 20-65221/4
  • 50:56 02:16 Jeremy Soule – Into Darkness
    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Original Soundtrack, 2011, Bethesda Softworks, 20-65221/4
  • 52:26 04:03 Listening Mirror – Without Saying Goodbye
    Resting in Aspic, 2012, Hibernate HB39
  • 52:42 02:01 Christina Vantzou – Small Choir (Ben Vida Remix)
    No. 1 Remixes, 2012, The Numbered Series TNSCDDVD
  • 54:47 02:35 Human Greed – In Absentia Variations
    Fortress Longing, 2011, Omnempathy OMIC2
  • 56:32 01:03 Landfire – Most People were Silent
    Incendium III, 2000, Loki Foundation LOKI 54
  • 57:22 01:52 Max Richter – The Camp
    Elle S’Appelait Sarah OST, 2010, Jade 6997269
  • 59:15 End

Download Solaris Mindset Now 99Mb (59:15 min.)
[DTS – Surround Version also available]

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  1. Colman Jones

    I am just listening to the DTS CD now – very nice! It’s a very expansive, immersive sound – thank you very much for doing this and sending me the link!

  2. Mauro Zordan

    The DTS version of Solaris Mindset is mind blowing, at least from my point of view. I had listened to the ordinary version quite a lot and the listening experience with DTS was…..well…..completely another thing. In particular the spatial distribution of the sound really makes a big difference and turns the listening experience into something completely different (the listener really gets involved in the sound sphere). Another important characteristic of the DTS version is the rendering of the sub bass frequencies, which makes the sound really awesome! Loved it.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Max D (Via FB)

    Actually I do 😉
    Not just for this kind of distribution, but also for quiet music like Ambient it is quite allright to use VBR MP3. However, when bandwidth is no longer an issue, and if source material gets better and better, lossless files will become more common in the near future. From an audiophile point of view (and yes, let’s not go there now) I feel compelled to promote lossless compression at every occasion. But realistically, most people will not even hear (and therefore care about) the difference, and that’s the inevitable truth… So the flac thing is mostly just me wining 😉

  4. PvC

    Hi Max, Thanks. About FLAC: until now I’ve had no protests from artists about mutilating their work. In fact, most of them really seem to like it which makes me proud. I hope to help promoting their work this way a little bit too. But if someone (one of the bigger names of copyright owners) would complain I’d be in trouble of course so let’s hope that won’t happen…
    I don’t want to start a high-end audio discussion here, but I don’t use FLAC because I think the highest-bitrate VBR MP3 is really good enough for this purpose and it’s a good format for digital distribution too. But I know you won’t agree here!