Jeremy de Tolly – Piano Nocturnes Volume One

Jeremy Tolly

“Nothing but a Grand Piano. No Synths, drones, pan pipes or tubular bells. I think it’s quite different. The music is very gentle, slow and quiet, more about the space between the notes than the notes themselves.”

Jeremy de Tolly ‘s introduction is a perfect introduction and an accurate description of his solo piano album “Piano Nocturnes, Volume One” .

“These pieces express emotions that have no specific name; the songs are meant to exist in the background of your life. It’s not archetypal music of any kind. It’s not really ambient, or classical, it’s definitely not jazz. It’s not depressing, nor is it happy.”

Though the piano is very popular instrument in current ambient/neo-classical music, it is not often used as the  single, unprocessed, instrument.

Jeremy de Tolly (South Africa) has recorded these six pieces on a Bosendorfer Grand Piano, leaving much space between every bright sounding note.

For his influences, he refers to Erik Satie and Harold Budd. I think he’s right: Satie for the enchanting quiet music ‘to exist in the background’, Budd for the abstract compositions (the lack of clear themes you can hum along) and the ‘improvisational’ feeling. 

I would also add Arvo Pärt as a reference myself, because of the importance of the ‘spaces inbetween’ and the ‘Tintinnabuli‘ style of playing. 

Any album that can stand firm with reference to Pärt, Satie and Budd must be a special album. And this one is, indeed. That’s why I cannot understand why there’s no proper (physical) release for “Piano Nocturnes” (yet).
This music defies categorization, and thus will probably appeal to many people – if they are able to find it! 

For now, “Piano Nocturnes Volume One”  is available through Amazon and iTunes.
(Note the different pricing, by the way!)

As they say in Jeremy de Tolly ‘s own Afrikaner language: “Dankie Meneer” (“Thank you, sir”)

Jeremy de Tolly – Piano Nocturne Two

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