Postcards from Hibernate!

The Hibernate recordings label continues to release a steady stream of great music.

One of their project series is the ‘Postcard Series’ – beautiful music on EP albums (about 20 minutes each), attached to limited edition numbered postcards.

One thing you’ll have to get used to, however, is that the physical editions sell out at the speed of light!
But, luckily, download versions of the releases stay available when the physical releases have run out!

Szymon Kaliski cover

Szymon Kaliski – For Isolated Recollections
“Szymon Kaliski creates sounds based on simple acoustic loops and field recordings, transforming them into broken repetitive melodies and minimalistic drones. His recordings are sunken in static noises, filled with imperfections and cracks, full of delicate reverberant space.”


Yellow6 and David Newyln – Miniatures
“Yellow6  (John Attwood) has been releasing his music on many labels for many years. ‘Miniatures’  is amixture of piano/guitar and computer processed pieces, using David Newiyln’s talents on the piano and with computer processing, and Jon’s  guitar sounds.”

Sun Settlings

Simon Bainton – Sun Settlings
“One half of the duo Pausal, Simon Bainton brings a stunning EP to the postcard series brimming with pastoral ambience and the softer, lighter end of drone.”

Sadness & Static

Caught in the Wake Forever/Karina ESP/Sheepdog – Sadness & Static
The first recordings from an on-going collaboration between Fraser McGowan (Caught in the Wake Forever), Chris Gowers and Gavin Crawford (Sheepdog).  T
he field recordings and photography for this release were made during a trip to Loch Lomond Shores. Both tracks were composed during that weekend and completed in the weeks that followed.

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