Neue – The Planets

The Planets

Electronic music has always been closely related to (outer) space – scientific astronomics as well as sci-fi fantasy themes.   

Sometimes quite literally, such as in the 12-CD series created by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson from the original NASA Voyager I & II Space Probe Recordings that was released around 1990.
Although there has been a lot of discussion about the extent of manipulation of these recordings, these ‘pure space sounds’ are about the deepest, most soothing and timeless ambient drones imaginable.

The Planets, recently released by Neue – not from Germany as you might think, and not related to the legendary Krautrock band Neu, but an alias of musician and designer Mike Lemmon from Portland, USA – continues this tradition.

The Planets  is the soundtrack version from the Experience the Planets website: “a collective effort to illustrate the wonders of the Solar System waiting to be seen”.  

“The original website showcases visionary depictions of our planetary neighbors combining art and science…I kept this philosophy for the album, combining their mythological heritage with our modern scientific understanding of our planets as real ‘places’.”

The eight tracks are indeed a perfect companion to the mysterious and fascinating space artwork presented on the website.
But Mike Lemmon’s ‘classic ambient’ drones can also be enjoyed in a different context.
Thus a wise decision to make this beautiful set of contemplative soundtracks available as a standalone album.

Neue – Mars

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