Jan Linton – Buddha Machine Music


I guess most readers will be familiar with the Buddha Machine concept by now.
Not only because the Buddha Machine itself now exists in four generations (including the Throbbing Gristle edition), but also because various artists (most notably Robert ‘Monolake’ Henke) have included the recognisable lo-fi samples in their recordings – or created completely new music using them.

One of the latest Buddha Machine-inspired releases is Buddha Machine Musicby Jan Linton – English musician/composer, working from Tokyo, Japan since 1990.

In the past, he has been working with people like Leo Abrahams and Richard Barbieri . But for his latest project, he chose the (first two incarnations of the) Buddha Machine as source of inspiration.

OnBuddha Machine Music, Linton is not just reordering the Buddha Machine samples to new layered drones, but takes them as a starting point for new compositions.

The original samples are clearly recognisable, defining the overall mood of the 22 minute mini-album. But by adding his own musical ideas, and playing original ethnic instruments like the Chinese Zhongruan (‘Moon Guitar’), the result is quite different from the contemplative ambient drones from the original machines.

That is why this album is not just interesting for those (like me) addicted to Buddha Machines, but also for all those with interest in cross-cultural experimental electronic music.

Jan Linton – Zhongruan Ceng Yu

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