Steiner – Untitled

Steiner CD

I guess it must be something in the water in Belgium!?

This self-released CD-R from Steiner (Stijn Hüwels), does not only look like it could be a new release on the Slaapwel-label, it also sounds like one.
Which may not be very strange, considering that Stijn and Wim Maesschalk (Slaapwel records label owner) live in the same city and obviously know each other.

Untitled comes in a DIY cardboard sleeve, with unique original polaroid artwork. It is a single track, just short of half an hour, that was recorded during a sleepless night in 2010 using an electric guitar, ebow and laptop.

This music obviously is perfect for playing softly at night while falling asleep.
The guitar notes sound like a soft windchime, slowly resceding into the layered drones to divert your attention.

Perfect for insomniacs…but also for those that like to have gentle sounds playing in their environment, night OR day. 

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