Visionary Hours – The Road to Basho

The Road to Basho cover

From the first bars of the opening track “Everyday is a Journey“, one could get the impression thatThe Road to Basho” might fit in perfectly with the post-romantic classical chamber music releases so popular nowadays. 

But after a while things start to sound a bit different: although the music sounds like it is created with acoustical instruments, the theme itself does not really seem to gets looped over and over again – until it’s as hypnotizing as Gavin Bryars’ “Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet” (or as a William Basinski recording without the tape deterioration).

In fact, the only way to know your player is not stuck on repeat, is by recognising the (slowly increasing) phasing effects in the background.

Each of the tracks on “The Road to Basho” is built around loops from different samples of (string) quartet, clarinet, piano and vocal parts respectively. Hayden Berry (Visionary Hours, working from Krakow, Poland) created these loops and added the additional effects.
The last two tracks of the album re-introduce the themes and samples from the first two, but they are washed in additional effects, bringing the original instruments slowly to the background. 
Thus, the minimalistic concept of this album is quite radical and daring!

The Road to Basho has its own a unique sound that differs from most other contemporary releases.

The album is available as a digital download from Bandcamp, and will be released in physical form somewhere mid 2011.

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