Ghost of 29 Megacycles – The Hummingbird Dream

hummingbird dream

The Ghost of 29 Megacycles (Australia) recently released a beautiful new EP-album called “The Hummingbird Dream”.

Though this is the second release under this name (following up “Love Via Paper Planes”  from 2009), the main part of this new album is a long drone solo recording by Greg Thaw on guitar, organ and field recording. 

Part 1 of this “delicate two song cycle born from sleepless nights, morning silence and sadness” starts with a guitar based drone, slowly deconstructing – until the morning breaks.

Hidden behind the guitar overtones in the first half of part 1, I hear a subtle reference to Brian Eno‘s classic masterpiece “An Ending”.

I doubt this is intentionally, because it may also be a resemblance based on the chosen chords and the overall atmosphere, but it is as if this piece is echoing a memory of the original En/Lanois track, though more abstract and almost faded.  

Celer is another reference that comes to mind when trying to describe what this music sounds like.   

In spite of the references to ‘sleepless nights’ and ‘sadness’, there is a strong sense of hope embedded in the music, and especially in the sound of the hummingbird singing in the ‘morning silence’.

Part 2, also featuring Jessyca Hutchins and Rebecca Orchard (vocals) and Rupert Thomas (organ), is a much shorter piece concluding the album in a different – shoegaze-like – style. 

“The Hummingbird Dream” is released by HellosQuareRecordings

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