Kyle Bobby Dunn – Pour Les Octaves

pour les octaves

Personally, I’m not particular fond of analog storage media. In fact I’m glad we could leave these behind us and go digital.

But since digital music seems to be available anytime, anyplace and anywhere, there’s a counter-trend of releasing music in a storage format that can not be easily copied – and thus appeals to collectors especially. 
Part of me can understand that when I hold an oldfashioned vinyl album cover, but I cannot really understand why anyone would prefer to release his music on audiocassette only. 
Still, there are quite some cassettelabels releasing music nowadays. 

One of these is Peasant Magik, that recently released a 30 minute (C30) two track casette by Kyle Bobby Dunn, called Pour les Octaves.

Pour les Octaves presents two beautiful drone music pieces that would’ve perfectly fitted on Dunn’s earlier releaseA Young Person’s Guide to…” .

The first track is called “PSR Music for J. Schull” . When asked about this title, Kyle explains that “PSR is a funny old keyboard – J. Schull is a girl I met in the woods one night”.
Listening to this track, that must’ve been a very inspiring encounter!
“Remnants” , the slightly shorter second track, explores similar keyboard sounds. It evokes a beautiful atmosphere of slowly fading memories, ending with a dramatically ringing, sustained chord over a background of strings.

Both tracks gain depth by the sounds in the background, audible ‘behind’ the main keyboard themes. These hissing sounds may be hardly heard against the natural hiss that is added by the analog cassette tape – but they are definitely playing their part.

With “Pour les Octaves, Kyle Bobby Dunn once more adds beautiful music to his already impressive oeuvre.

But this particular title may be a bit harder to obtain, because it is released in a strict collector’s edition that is nót available as a download elsewhere. So if you want to hear it, you’ll have to re-connect your old cassette-player!
I wonder what will happen to this music once the limited edition of 100 cassettes runs out.

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