Kyle Bobby Dunn – Rural Route #2

Rural Route

Shortly after his magnificient double album “A Young Person’s Guide to KBD“, Kyle Bobby Dunn delivers another two intricate drone tracks. This time on a limited edition 3″ CD-R (including immediate downloads).

Compared to the double album, the two tracks on “Rural Route No. 2 are sounding more ‘industrial’ and dark. Not exactly what you might expect thinking of nostalgic childhood memories…!

The opening track, ‘Dissonant Distances’ is my personal favourite of these two: a haunting soundscape combining drone sounds with radio and field recording fragments.

“Senium III”  (Senium = ‘Old Age’) is a focussed drone, using revolving, metallic sounds.

According to Kyle Bobby Dunn, these tracks represent memories of childhood locations in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). The intensity of the processed sounds (in fact hardly recognisable as guitar chords) makes one wonder what kind of environment Kyle grew up in, sounding so ‘moody and eerie’.

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