Mark Tamea Mix


A special mix to conclude 2009.
This also is the last upload of the mixes that were created for radio.
2010 will start off with new mixes exclusively created for this weblog.

tessellation cover

Like “Sounds of Spellborn” (published last week) this mix is different from most previous mixes, in that it does not include many different artists, but concentrates on the music of one single artist: Mark Tamea.

Tamea is a composer from England, currently living in Nijmegen (Holland).
His music is a fascinating combination of electronics, environmental sounds, musique concrête, acoustical and modern classical music.

When I hear the music he creates, I can imagine the wondrous feelings Alice must have had when exploring Wonderland: landscapes vaguely familiar yet alienating, a new surprise at every corner…


His latest CD is ‘Tessellation’ (2008). Tessellation defines the recurring pattern in tiles – in graphic art this is best known by the work of M.C. Escher.
One reviewer
said “It has the mystery of the Mona Lisa smile” – and that is exactly how I feel about it.

Apart from music from Tessellation, this mix also features work from older Tamea albums:  Buried Traktora, The Paignton Anomaly en Distant Suns.

This Mark Tamea mix was created for dutch radio in march 2009. Quite a lot of listeners reacted to this broadcast – but the very best compliment to this mix came from Mark Tamea himself when he wrote me: “You managed to surprise me with my own music!”
Well – Tamea’s music certainly surprised me, too!
And for now I do expect it will also surprise you!



  • Eg Nog Ra
    (Distant Suns, 1996, EQ:RA)
  • The Forest Star
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)
  • The Cell Assailed
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)
  • A Brain Shaped Hole Where A Head Used to Be
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)
  • Witch Become Child
    (Buried Traktora, 2007, EQ:RA)
  •  The Orgeo Crux
    (Ressonus Net. Vol.1, 2008, Ressonus records ress03)
  • Planked and Shored
    (Mark Tamea & Kymatik: The Paignton Anomaly, 2008, Non Serviam/Paradigm)
  • What we Know, Triplicate
    (Buried Traktora, 2007, EQ:RA)
  • Odium
    (Buried Traktora, 2007, EQ:RA)
  • Mogahm
    (Distant Suns, 1996, EQ:RA)
  • Tisedni
    (Dur-as-Sulh, 2001, Paradigm PD15)
  • Legolum (EQ:RA Mix)
    (Buried Traktora, 2007, EQ:RA)
  • A Pool of Uniformed Intent
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)
  • Split, Ranged and Trussed
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)

Download Mark Tamea Mix Now 96Mb (57 min.)
January 2010 Update:
Mark Tamea’s new album, ‘Metonymy‘, is now released and available at AtmoWorks.

Mark Tamea - Metonymy (cover)

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  1. Mark Tamea

    I think the tracks you are referring to are ‘What We Know, Triplicate’ which has the vocal sample “In spite of pain…” – which is later mixed into ‘Odium’ with the sample “Behind the curtain of everyday consciousness…”
    These are both from Buried Traktora – very glad you like it! – Mark

  2. Mark Tamea (via mail)

    It’s very interesting to hear the music from another perspective, and the way you have assembled it works very well. You managed to suprised me with my own work! Thank you for all the time and consideration that you put into this, it’s much appreciated.