Favourite Places Vol. 2

Favourite Places

Since its original release in 2007, ‘Favourite Places‘ has been one of my ...favourite soundscape albums.

It presented music inspired by favourite locations of well known artists (like Biosphere, Taylor Deupree) as well as equally beautiful compositions by lesser known (to me) names.

The concept is as simple as it is challenging: ask composers to describe their favourite place – in sound.
This place must be exactly pinpointed with location details, so it should not be an imaginary place.

One might expect the result to be a collection of environmental recordings, but luckily, none of the composers takes the easy way. All pieces start with environmental location statements, but then emerge into into subtle electronic sound-art.    

Judging the quality of the sounds/music on volume 2, this concept may grow into a collectable series of modern environmental soundscapes. In fact, I hope a lot more volumes may follow after these two!

Compared to volume 1, volume 2 feels even more balanced. All of the tracks are very well documented (as in volume 1): exact coördinates of the favourite location, time of recording, weather, and detailed description of the reasons why this location is favourite to the composer. Plus website details for futher artist investigation.

The releasing label, Audiobulb, has obviously put great dedication and a lot of love and care were into these releases. Just check the accompanying website to explore these favourite places .
At the time of writing, this website only seems to cover the locations from volume 1, but I guess (hope) the tracks from volume 2 will be added in the near future.

The really fascinating thing about these ‘favourite places‘ is that they feel favourite even when ‘detached’ from their original locations. The music feels like it’s describing your own favourite place …wherever that place may be.

Composers for volume 2 include Lawrence English, Sawako, Jeremy Bible, Autistici (among others) – favourite locations include England, Belgium, New York, Ohio, Tokyo (among others).

Hopefully, even more favourite places  will be revealed in the future!

More info: http://www.audiobulb.com/albums/AB026/AB026.htm

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