Wave (mix)


“Wave” is the first of a two part an auditive “guided fantasy” (“Ring” being the second part).
A mix of ambient music, soundscapes and other musical surprises, created in 2006.
No track is played completely, but the interaction of the fragments creates a completely new structure…. Which, in fact, is true for all ambient mixes of course…

These two mixes were part of a 4-hour radio broadcast that were thematically related to Icelandic music. At least: the first and the last were mostly. The first of these four programs was a compilation of the (magnificent) album ‘Spellewauerynsherde‘ by Akira Rabelais, the fourth part was a compilation of music from Iceland.

I guess it’s safe to assume that this also probably is the first (and possibly single) ambient music collage containing Venetian Snares music!
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The four parts were called “Spelle“, “Wave“, “Ring” and “Sharde“, which together is also the full title of Akira Rabelais’ “Spellewauerynsherde” album. Tracks and fragments of this album are present throughout all four programs.
(The first and fourth part are not included here because they are not really ‘ambient mixes’).

In the two mixes presented here, the relation to Iceland may be a difficult to hear in the music, but there’s more-than-average Icelandic artists involved 🙂

BTW – the pictures chosen here are from Helga Kvam. No one ever captured the mysterious Icelandic nature better than she does.

Wave Sequence


    • Akira Rabelais – 1300 cursor M. 2699 (34) His Fader Nineti and Nine That Day
      unreleased, 2004
    • Eyvind Kang – Circle of Fair Karma
      The Story of Iceland, Tzadik 7059, 2000
    • “Readmittance will be denied”
      from “Twelve Monkeys” (*), Terry Gilliam, Universal Pictures, 1995
    • Hans Tutschku – …Erinnerung…
      Moment, Empreintes Digitales 9947, 1999
    • Coph Nia – Veil
      That Which Remains, CMI 85, 2000
    • Venetian Snares – Contain
      Meathole, Planet Mu 99, 2005
    • Michel Banabila – intro (instrumental)
      Vuka! Vuka!, unreleased, 2005
    • Jorge Reyes – The Body Song
      Solar: A Music Travelogue Volume 1, Soleilmoon Recordings, 1997
    • Djinnestan – RainI (darkdrone edit)
      The Darkdrone Mix, Webbed Hand WH050, 2005
    • Andrey Dergatchev – Rain
      The Return, ECM 1923, 2005
    • Carl Stone – Mound Ridlight
      Sampling Neurosis, 2000
    • Hafler Trio – The Most Beautiful breath (extract)
      And I’ll be the Wind, Soleilmoon Recordings, 2003
    • Dwight Ashley – Untitled
      Four, Orchard 809236, 2005
    • Aquaboogie – The Queen’s Birthday
      The Noise and the City, autres directions mounlin008, 2004
    • Deathprod – Deerstalker
      Money will Ruin Everything, Rune Grammophon rcd 2032 , 2003
    • Bolander – The Center of the Lake on a Quiet Afternoon
      Drone Download Project, tzpdc 07, 2005
    • Faultline – Mystery track
      Closer Colder, Leaf 12, 1999
    • Eliane Radigue – Kailasha
      Trilogie de la Mort, XI 119, 1998
    • Kjartan Ólafsson – Völuspá
      Vóluspá, Erki Tónlist 9, 2003
    • Akira Rabelais – 1300 cursor M. 2699 (75) His Fader Nineti and Nine That Day
      unreleased, 2004
    • “Hoosh Ritual”
      from “The Story of the Weeping Camel” – HFF/BR, 2003
    • David Darling – Two or Three Things
      Cello ECM 1464 1992
    • Yannick Dauby – Chant de Dune
      Le Silence de Sirènes, 1999
    • Richard Chartier – Component
      Two Locations, Line 013, 2003
    • James Plotkin & Mark Spybey – Vord Lae
      A Peripheral Blur, Kranky 32, 1998
    • Yuval Ron – Reve d’Eternite
      In the Shallows, CDBaby, 2003
    • Llips – Flux
      Dos Partes, U-Cover 007, 2001
    • Michel Banabila – My Mother’s Voice (**)
      Vuka! Vuka!, Unreleased, 2005
    • Akira Rabelais – 1300 cursor M. 2699 (39) His Fader Nineti and Nine That Day
      private collection n.v.t. 2004
    • Carmen Baier – Spelle
      Spellewauerynsherde: Interpretations Various & Sundry, Bremstrahlung TRANS001, 2004
    • Biosphere – From a Solid to a Liquid
      Dropsonde,Touch TO:66, 2006
    • Andrey Dergatchev – Underwater
      The Return, ECM 1923, 2005
    • 310 – More North than Portland
      Recessional, Leaf 33, 2003
    • Brannan Lane – Sonic Pillow
      Sleep Cycle, BLM 501CD, 2003
    • Deadbeat – Habitat for Heavy Hearts
      New World Observer, ~scape 27, 2005
    • Akira Rabelais – Gymnopedie No. 2
      Eisotrophobia, Ritornell 14871, 2001
  • Akira Rabelais – 1671 Milton Samsom 1122
    Spellewauerynsherde, Samadhisound SS003, 2004

(*) These are the instructions for the first time crew. Listen carefully: they must be followed exactly. All openings of your garment must be sealed completely. If the integrity of your suit is compromised in any way, if the fabric is torn or zippers not closed, re-admittance will be denied.” (from: “Twelve Monkeys”)

(**) “I dreamt I saw my mother coming and call me. But when I opened my eyes I did not see her. I t was beautiful, but I was so scared…because… I heard that voice first, but then I remembered that I don’t know my mother… But that voice – it’s really….that voice is my mother’s voice”. from “Vuka! Vuka! (Wake up! Wake up!)” – Michel Banabila

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  1. Cycleburner

    Greetings from Mongolia. I liked the mix. I liked the Weeping Camel part in the middle. I got a laugh out of the repeated “ahh”s. The mixes in October are really good.

  2. PvC

    Thanks for your comment. It’s a very strange idea that the mixes are heard even in Mongolia. I’m very proud of that!!
    The Weeping Camel part in this mix comes from the soundtrack of the Weeping Camel movie. I wonder if you have seen that movie, is it known in Mongolia?
    The ‘repeated ahh’s’ are part of that movie soundtrack, it is in fact a very moving scene, but heard out of context it creates a strange effect that seems unrelated to the heartbreaking camel sounds.
    I’m glad you enjoyed this and the other mixes!

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