Dub Jay: AMFM


Ambient musician Warren Sulcs, known to some under the name Dub Jay, created this album about a year ago. But finding a record label for his music proved increasingly difficult, as most ambient musicians can probably confirm.

So after a while he decided to just share the album to those interested.
And I really think this album is interesting enough to be heard – so you may grab your chance and listen to it too!

The AMFM set consist of 15 tracks, divided into three parts of 5 tracks.

The three different EP’s have an interesting relation to each other:
“The intent was to create 2 EPs of pop-song-length ambient music with the added requirement that the two EPs could be played back simultaneously to form a whole (the third EP is just the combination of the first two, properly synced up).”

…So you don’t need to bother with syncing your record players then.

The separate tracks on EP 15 and 21 are interesting enough to listen to, and the combination of the tracks on 36 adds an interesting extra dimension with a bit of a ‘pop’-feeling indeed.
So although you can download each track separately, I do think it’s better to keep this album complete and download the full ZIP file.

The atmosphere of this music is not unlike that of Brian Eno when he teamed up with Daniel Lanois  (obviously are not the worst couple to be compared with!).
Like Eno/Lanois’ music, the overall feeling is comfortable and ‘light’ (as opposed to much of the ‘darker’ ambient) – as it should be, since Warren wrote this music as a gift to his girlfriend!

I can heartily recommend you to check this out yourself: AMFM can be downloaded [here]

Thanks, Warren, for not forgetting this recording and for sharing this with us!

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