Olafur Arnalds – Found Songs

Found Songs

Found Songs initially was conceived as a download-for-free internet-only project: 7-songs in 7-days.
But obviously the response was such that these songs, covering just over 20 minutes, are now releases in physical form too.
“From Twitter via Flickr to Traditional Record Stores”.

In fact, that feels a bit like if these songs did not really exist until they were released in the form of a 10″ vinyl limited edition, or as a Digisleeve limited CD edition.
Hey, we’re the online digital generation, aren’t we? Why bother with physical releases?


These compositions simply are too beautiful to just release them as hidden jewels for the digitally aware!
They just deserve a firm hard-cover sleeve to be treasured, vinyl (10″) edition as well as CD.

Luckily, Erased Tapes (“at the end of all music happiness will be erased“) recognised this, and recently released these recordings in physical form, still leaving the downloadable (low-res) versions available .

├ôlafur Arnald‘s compositions have a deceivingly simple feel, but they also have a strikingly romantic emotional impact.

It’s unbelievable to realise that each of these compositions were created in just one day. One would think it would have taken weeks (or months) just to eliminate all superfluous details to get to these results.
This work easily ranks with composers like Max Richter, Johann Johannsson. And maybe (though arguably) even Erik Satie.

So pick your choice: download this collection for free or order them as a vinyl or cd hard-copy.
Of course I heartily recommend the latter.

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