Machinefabriek – Dauw (videoclip)


What do you see when listening to ambient music?
I guess most answers would be something like: landscapes.
Desolate, comforting or alien, depending on the kind of ambient music.

I guess some of the images will be triggered by the track title.
So – what would a videoclip for Machinefabriek’s “Dauw” (“Dew”) look like?

when clicking the YouTube link to the video by Joost Meijer for this track, I was prepared for some abstract impressionist landscape shots. But I was not prepared for a heartbreaking story of an elderly couple growing apart.

Dauw - video

Strikingly beautiful shots of a couple living in a deceivingly peaceful and utterly dutch farm environment.
The clear irritation of the woman (well-known dutch actress Kitty Courbois), the inadequate denial of her husband. And ultimately the desolatie decision leaving both people helpless.
This is not a comforting video.

But if fits the soundtrack very well: however peaceful it may sound, most of the music created by Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuijderveld) also has a hidden sharp edge somewhere.

This video(which by the way cannot be embedded, so just view it on Youtube, preferrably in HD mode!) is created with the help of the Videoclipfonds, a fund where artist can get support for creating a videoclip.

Apart from this Machinefabriek video there are some more striking videos to be seen on this channel.

I especially recommend watching ‘Beguine’ (De Kift).
The track for this surrealist video is sung in dutch.. so here’s a clue for international listeners: “M’n lief verliet mij vannacht” translates as “My beloved has left me this night”.

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