Today, Lowlightmixes posted a kind recommendation to Ambientblog.
Thanks, Dave, for these kind words.

I’m especially honoured, since I’m a regular visitor of Lowlightmixes myself.
I believe we share a vision in our approach to creating our mixes of ambient music.
Lowlightmixes has a vast collection of mixes to listen and download: at this time, you’ll find over 40 different titles, with a wealth of interesting music to discover!!

So, if you’re not a regular visitor yet: be sure to check out the mixes on Lowlightmixes too. It’s definitely worth your time!!

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  1. pvc

    Wow, that’s a quick reaction!! 🙂

    Thanks for the big compliment!

    I will have a short break now, just to let these first 13 hours ‘calm down’ and give them some time to be listened to.

    After this break I plan to continue publishing all other mixes and then gradually move on to creating new ones.

    Hope you’ll keep listening…

  2. Philippe de Borchgrave

    Hello Peter,
    I’m glad you know each other’s mixes: for my taste, you both are the best to be found on the net, and I cannot describe how much consolation your mixes have meant for me, even in the hardest of times…
    Thanks also for putting up all your mixes on this blog.
    Sorry your broadcast will be stopped…
    Kind regards,
    Philippe de Borchgrave