Mark Tamea – Tessellation

Mark Tamea, an english composer/sound artist living in Nijmegen, Holland, has released some quite adventurous work in the past (of which a lot of information and some free downloads can be found on his website:
His latest work, Tessellation, is one of the most intriguing recordings I have heard in the past year.

It combines a lot of different styles: ambient electronic soundscapes, field recordings, musique concrête, post-classical – but still feels organic and complete.

Listening to this album feels like walking through a strangely different landscape. Peaceful at times, though there’s also some unnerving disturbances like extremely high pitched tones.
It gives me a feeling that Alice probably had when walking through her Wonderland…a surprise behind every new corner, a new perspective at every turn.

Someone had described it like this: “It has the mystery of the Mona Lisa smile”.
It has.
Listen to the track below, called “A Brain Shaped Hole Where a Head Used to Be”…and you’ll probably confirm that too.

Mark Tamea – A Brain-Shaped Hole where a Head used to Be

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