Machinefabriek – IJspret & Gris Gris


Some albums, particularly those by major artists, take a few years to complete. The many recordings of Rutger ‘Machinefabriek’  Zuydervelt are not among those.

This particular little gem, IJspret (‘Ice/Skating Fun’) was released within a few weeks after the short period that Holland enjoyed skating on natural ice (last days of december 2008 + some in january 2009). It had been a few years ago since the last time that had been possible, and may take a few years to happen again.

After noticing the strange sounds of ice crackling and the sounds of skates skating, Rutger used a contact microphone to record it. Those  field recordings were combine with some other (ducks, coots, and people playing) and completed with some improvised acoustic guitar sounds.

The four are tracks released on a credit card CD with a lovely small package in the very same month. “Lullabyes for winter days”, indeed. 
The only bad thing is these tracks only last about six minutes. It’s over too soon  – just like the skating days were.
(Be quick: only 100 available!)

Gris Gris

Another release in the latest Machinefabriek batch is Gris Gris released on low-point (check for samples and info).
The unnamed tracks consist of (barely recognisable) vocal samples of Mariska (‘Soccer Committee’) Baars, electronically processed by Rutger Zuydervelt and Robert Deters.

Apart from being the name of John’s Cat, Gris Gris also is a voodoo amulet protecting the wearer from evil or bringing luck. These tracks (37’25”) are dark, hauntingly ethereal, and very minimal – as if you can almost hear the amulet doing his protective work.

Quite different compared to the love lovely and peaceful IJspret, but equally impressive.

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