The Inventors of Aircraft – Unknown Language


The Serein netlabel once again lives up to their expectations. With their latest release, ‘Unknown Language’ by The Inventors of Aircraft, the label now offers 17 free album downloads. All of which are quality ambient music, albeit in different styles.
The latest one (#17) is “Unknown Language” by “The Inventors of Aircraft”.

As you may notice, that’s ‘Aircraft’…not ‘Aircrafts’. In fact, there’s only one ‘Inventor of Aircraft’ called Phil Tomsett.

The artwork of this release does not provide very much information, but checking out reveals some of the binay code displayed.

“These obscure symbols lend themselves well to the music, for ‘Unknown Language’ has very definite leanings towards the world of science and indeed science fiction. The album has a vast, almost monolithic sound that builds relentlessy. On the track ‘Passing’ it is not difficult to imagine that the title may be a reference to some gargantuan satellite, a slow paced yet immovable object casting a shadow over some desolate alien landscape far below.
The pieces meld into one another flitting between earthy and organic soundscapes to more overtly electronic and droney pieces.”

(release info)

Compared to the NEST release, this music is more electronic, although the occasional clicks and pops definitely give it a “natural” feeling.

I can heartily recommend downloading it. As I do for all other Serein releases.

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