Joe Frawley – The Hypnotist


Not exactly “ambient”, but definitely “Cinema for the Ear” as the composer himself calls it. And  indeed: the carefully orchestrated samples and sound fragments seem to tell a story without images. A beautiful tension is created in a dialogue between the electronic soundscape and the piano improvisations.

As Connecticut-born composer Joe Frawley (b. 1971) states: “The “film” is an abstract construction, designed to stimulate the imagination by way of suggestion, rather than clearly outlining characters, plot, etc. “.

If the music and the title (The Hypnotist) does not help you create your own  mental imagery, Joe is offering you his own interpretation  in the notes on his website

The Hypnotist is a 30+ minute CD , and makes you wish it was longer than that.
It’s the third part in a series that began with “Wilhelmina’s Dream” in 2006, followed by “Tangerine” in 2007.
Well worth checking out!

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