April Ambient Mix

april ambient

It has become a sort of a yearly tradition since 2000: the “Spring ambient mix” on dutch national radio (NPS).

This year’s mix, a two hour mix, is now available to listen to online.
It was broadcast in the first two Radio 6 NPS-Folio broadcasts of April.

Central piece in the first part of this “april-mix” (named “Strange Birds”, or “Vreemde Vogels” in dutch) is Christina Kubisch’ “Tea Time (Autumn Leaves Mix)”, from Gruenrecorder’s “Autumn Leaves“.
Male singers communicate their words as if they were birds, twittering words like “Who’s awake?”, “Me Too!” and “Who cooks for you?”. This spring-like chatter evokes a strange and hypnotic landscape sometimes unnerving, sometimes comforting.

The second part of the mix (named “True”) is a further walk in the same landscapes.
The tension may rise this time, but the view remains spectacular.
This second part is concluded by a Soccer Committee song that also gave it it’s title. “True” is no ‘ambient music’ by any definition. Still, in her search for inner quiet, Mariska ‘Soccer Committee’ Baars has shown that ‘ambient’ music does not necessarily need to involve ‘electronics’. It’s can also be a state of mind…

I hope you will be able to take the time to listen to this mix and let me know what you think of it.

<<These mixes will be published as audio podcast / downloads in november 2009>>

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