Weblog Name Change

Some of you may have noticed the name of this weblog has changed.
“Sound is Audible Time” (a quote from a book by John Luther Adams: “Winter Music“) has been the motto of this weblog for over two years now. I felt it was time for something shorter.

“DreamScenes” was the name of one of the ambient-mixes I have created for NPS Supplement radio.
This particular one was broadcast for four uninterrupted hours back in 2002.

“DreamScenes” is a short but effective description of what good ambient music can be.
And, for some reason, it’s also the word that frequently makes search engine users land on one of my webpages.
(Could it be they came looking for a ‘dreamscene’ animated desktop backgrounds for Vista?
Most of these animated backgrounds  are quite “ambient” natured too, so combining a desktop dreamscene with some of the music offered here may result in interesting combinations… )

By the way, the title is the only thing that has changed.
The rest of the weblog remains exactly the same. No need to change your links.

On february 22 the website was migrated to another server. In the migration of the weblog some entries got lost, so I had to restore them by entering them again manually.
This means that the date/time stamp for the comments are not the original date and time the comments were added. Of course, the comments were re-entered unedited, including the original e-mail addresses and URL’s.

That, by the way, was the first time I was very glad this is not a very busy weblog 😉

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